$1000 BMX BIKE VS $100 BMX BIKE!

Followed the “cringe” trend… But its about time to bring awareness to most of the cheaper BMX bikes found today at local department such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, and many others. These bikes are dangerous, yet unsafe and its very clear to support your Local Bike Shop in many cases like this. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and i hope you found it some what entertaining! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe:)

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Mason Anderson says:

By the way japan is one of the leading technology builders out there u probly meant China

Tyrone Hunt says:

I have a forgotten bmx but every time I go to research it it comes up with shit

SlammedNationTeam says:

Right here ✋ $3300 build. Every titanium part available I have. Plus custom made laird frame. Profile elites etc

Mr.castillosx3 777 says:

Wym, i got a bike from Walmart and my bike been the same for 4 years an I did some bms tricks I fell off of it hard and nothing happened to it, it might be a lil rusty bc ofe leaving it out in the rain but it still works

Fidel Cashflow says:

Interesting that you pointed out the Brawler. Another channel bought one from Wal-Mart. Took it to a skatepark, and put it through a lot of stress. He did a damned flip on the thing.

After it had survived everything, without breaking. He took it back to the store and got a refund. Then said it was crap in the comments.

I don’t really see the logic. It’s true that Mongoose isn’t what they used to be. It’s true Wal-Mart has employees assemble the bikes. At the same time, it did every trick he wanted to do, and didn’t fail. So I am left to think that the only reason he called it crap. Is because he himself likely owns a 400+ dollar bike.

I don’t think their bikes are as bad as people claim. I think if you know something about bikes, if you check it (make sure it’s assembled correctly) you probably won’t have any problems.

Cheap tubes are expected. New seats are cheap and plentiful. You can find a comfortable one easily. You only paid 100 bucks for the bike after all. Improving it a bit shouldn’t be a problem.

Spirit Animallz says:

mafias dumb shit arent $1000

Main says:


Fina Jackson says:

Another thing is money

Combo Gaming says:

I personally think you can’t get a good bike for a good price I suggest you get each part of the bike I find this way better and I’ve done this and it’s great, I learned bunny hop no problem 🙂

Gage Adams VLOGS says:

I have a bike that was $450 dollars and a Walmart bike and the Walmart bike is easier to wheel and that’s what I was looking for lmao

Dakota Cline says:

i ride a Mongoose Legion L20 20″ Wheel Freestyle bmx Bike i its so good

C A N I B A L I S T I C_ R E I N D E E R says:

In 7:43 you said Walmart bikes are made from “Alloy and Steel”..
Firstly Steel is a metal alloy so why are you saying it like they are two different materials.

Secondly, You’re saying that alloys can’t be as strong as Titanium, that’s BS! The whole point of using alloys is the fact that they are capable of being both strong AND tough, in addition to that, they are cheaper to use.

Contrary to what I just said, I do agree that Walmart bikes are quite shit however a bike doesn’t need to be $1000+ dollars to be good quality.

Just random stuff 2006 says:

My bike isn’t a dance comp or Walmart mine is a custom it is a romp redline that coated $300 it works awesome

Tayvin 6 says:

Bryan. What bike is 3 grand?

TurboGamingHD says:

You have a green fuel Madmain in your thumbnail… They are £280 not £1000. I’m from UK so I’m not sure what £280 is in dollars.

Gilligan says:

Needle -dick- media… lol

DontReadMyProfilePicture says:

I got. Mafiabikes kush 2 20inch

Gamer says:

where can i buy a bike online

Debora Zaniewski says:

Do you even have ball hair?

Brandon Reynolds says:

I thought i was going to see a comparison with tests not som little twat just talking shit, a good bmxer can ride most bikes and wont get on a bike unless its been taken apart and rebuilt by themselves. Ps you said steel and “alloy”, any metal with any integrity is an alloy even titanium

Vickie Farr says:

100 179

hacker 1845 says:

Is a $400 bike good?

Ice Dragon says:

Maybe a few bunny hops

Ol' McCree says:

I have a Broc Volume with a stranger ballast stem but I have to say does he not know that some people cant afford to spend $1000 on a bike.

Mohammed mudaf says:

i have a 300$ stolen casino 2017 20″ igs really good

Jacob Stoltz says:

3 grand is nothing in moutian biking some bikes cost up to 11 grand

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