Today I compare a real Bmx bike vs a Walmart bike to point out why you should invest in a stock Bmx bike from a legit and trusted brand that really supports Bmx vs a corporate company that destributes to Walmart so I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please be sure to drop a like comment and share!


Prabhakar BMX says:

Walmart bmx is the worst

Jonathan Scurlock says:

How tall are your handle bars

David says:

my mangoose bmx bike cost me 300 so i got a good one am i right?

Just Spenli says:

Im bulgarian people and i like your videos

Griminem says:

It suits its name

Blake Brinkerhoff says:

What are good brands to look for entry level complete bikes?

terence foster says:

I suggest checking Craigslist, I bought a 1500 dollar bike from a guy used for 300.

WhiteVibe says:

Where did ya get ur bmx mate?! I NEED IT!

Jogie Glen Mait says:

who else doesn’t know that walmart bmx are not for real bmx riding? dislike.

im just a tomato says:

The 2000$ bike.
Is that a fitbike?
Cause the tire is fat tire

Jaswinder Kaur says:

I have a bmx

Codebreaker 679 says:

I have the same $80 bike but i took the brakes off and modded it i still have the same color

Adithya J says:

I ride a mongoose Legion l60.. how is that?

Turkeyhead03 says:

Nice show off vid

NathanFilmsYT says:

I got a Gt Performer 2018

Abraham Patalinghug says:

I wish i have those bmx but im just poor.bmxican can i have your used parts.can i recycle it please

TheLeadMinecart says:

I use a 2008 fit flowpark frame that weighs 4 pounds for 3 years now. It is beast, best $10 I have put something into in my life. I traded a 10 dollar thrift bike (that I got for 10 dollars, the specialized hardrock) and a shadow stem I had on my redline which I was riding that I got for 50. I have a crap ton of time into it, I don’t think of money as money, or as a lot of money. I think of money as time, and how much time it will take. Also, I think about how good the price is for that product. It is like getting aFIT savage frame for 500 dollars (too much) or getting it for 354.95 (Danscomp price) or for let’s say 50 dollars (WAYYYYY LOW!) Or a Lamborghini huracan for 200k (average price) rather than getting it when a rich uncle dies (RIP) and you get it passed to you. Also, If you want to get a bike, some ways to do it are mowing lawns (which I do) and also buying and selling bikes. You can get a $10 dollar Trek at the local thrift shop, tuned barely, and sold it for $60 to a family friend, I made money, they got a good deal, they also got a free labor warranty from me, we both happy. Also, If you build a bike you like, ride it for a while to switch stuff up (I fixed up an old Trek mountaintrack 840 yesterday, and I rode it and it was amazing! It was so fun to get on a mountain bike after 4 years!) So, if you can mow a lawn in an hour, and you get $20 for it, and you get 5 houses done a day (other than finding someone who wants their lawn mowed) You can think of 100 dollars as 5 hours. So, to get a $2000 bike from mowing lawns alone, it would be 200 hours (or so.) Another tip, if you want to buy something from a classifieds site, always lowball the person. If you want to get bars for 20 dollars, but the ones you want are 35, lowball at 10. It will make them go up a bit for making more money, they might for 15, 20, 25, 30, or full at 35. It depends on how much they care about it, and how fast they want it gone. Also, make up a story (when possible) to say. Such as: “My friend always wanted a good bike to ride street and park on, but money is hard for him to get, and his family does not have enough money to have 5 children and support it, because they are moving and saving every cent they can. our friend group is low on money, only having 150 dollars right now, and parts are expensive. They are moving to (Somewhere far away from the general area) and we will only see him if we can get out there.” I used this method to get a new videocard for a computer build. I got 1/3 off of it which I was happy about. Also, if you are texting the person in a conversation, you can say that someone in the group ordered the bottom bracket so the budget went down. Of course, I did this with computer components though, so it would be different terminology. But this can be risky, because if you go out of character, you will probably not get said component from that person because they caught you lying. Also make sure you use names and use the same story if buying from classifieds sites, because you never know who is affiliated with one another, so if they talk, you are absolutely screwed (most likely, I went a little hard there.) Well, I am a 13 year old who has no life so I hop you found this a little helpful, cheers from Magna, Utah, United States of America, of planet Earth, of this here Solar System, In the Milky Way galaxy, in this universe (whichever one it is.) That was just to the Alien readers, guys, I AM NOT MAD!

Wrecking Fish1000 says:

Chaos bike 30 psi and I bent the rim on the front

Evan Colson says:

Hi the bmxican

muitnecsA says:

You can’t go on and say it is bad because it is CHEAP. You didn’t said anything constructive about it.


I almost died riding on a Walgoose, never buy anyone a shit bike it’s dangerous, and it’s from Walmart

Evan O’Connor says:

Best YouTuber ever learning how to do tricks from him ❤️

gaming and volging fabian says:

I want a bike like yours i have a Walmart bick it’s heavy Im saving money for a new good bike

Jeremy R says:

For me with a BMX bike it’s just a bmx bike. With mountain bikes it’s totally different, you get hardtails full suspension enduro downhill

Jacob Crosby says:

Hey what is your opinion on Mongoose bmx bikes???

Timothy Andrew says:

I bought a 60 dollar mongoose from walmart and its lasted me almost 6 years and i still have it but i got an eastern bmx now

Sotozzz says:

the 80$ bike has a freewheel not a cassete

Nic Hilton says:

I work on those 80 dollar bikes eeeeevery day at the bike shop haha

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