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Framed BMX Bikes – http://www.the-house.com/bmx-bikes-framed.html

A perfect inexpensive bike for riders who want to cruise the streets in style. Unleash your inner Thor when you’re shredding on this bad boy all around town.

Product Link – http://www.the-house.com/qfrfor20bk13zz-framed-bmx-bikes.html

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Brandon Middleton says:

Which one is better the framed forge or the sapient drop

Henry_199 says:

LMAO i just saw that kids video before this one good stuff.

Samuel Horn says:

Metal or plastic petals ?

Arol Jordan says:

do bike that are shipped out already put together? or does the person receiving the bike have to assemble ?

jrotten407 says:

Hey. I am interested in this bike mainly because I want something to get me to and from work and something i can enjoy riding around when I get bored. My only fear is that it will be too small for me. I am 6’2″.

Lucky7 says:

Is y’all’s site reliable????

Roman Roque says:

would a framed forge be a good starter bmx bike?

Skydoesmony says:

Why is the Spork so big

KingsofAppalachia#304 says:

14mm axles but 1pc crank? Seems Legit…  O.o

Myjex4(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

can u put pegs on it

The House says:

Agreed, that is why framed put a compact drive on the Framed Verdict. They also put a 3pc compact drive on the Framed Team and the Attack.

Tanvir says:

This is a horrible bike it has high tens steel which sucks the sprocket it huge and always get a bike over $300 anything under that is shit

The House says:

They are pretty much on the same level.

Zyan Lox says:

what size and tools do you need for pegs on Framed attack pro and is it a good bmx for serious tricks

obz man says:

are the tires pumped when shipped


Does that little back sprocket stays the same on the back wheel. Or you have to change it

Adolf Hitler says:

does it ship free?

Zyan Lox says:

what size and tools do you need for pegs on Framed attack pro and is it a good bmx for serious tricks

Brandon Middleton says:

can u get good air on this bike

AriZonGaming says:

Yeah but it just keeps acting up so im gunna try to tightening it up again i might get a verdict or SE

cz productions says:

Sup my ninjas

The House says:

If getting air is your thing you better off spending a little more money and getting the Framed Attack.

Roberto rodriguez says:

U know what kind of sprocket I need for this bike

AriZonGaming says:

Nd a smaller sprocket

BraapBMX says:

How much will the bike be built when shipped please answer soon! 🙂

Sayjin gaming says:

Does it come wit pegs

Justin Newman says:

Just put a three piece on mine

Roberto rodriguez says:

I’m wondering would it be a good bike for trick

Victor Nguyen says:

Which brand would you recommend. Framed or Sapient?

Victor Nguyen says:

is there a huge difference from the framed and sapient?

Roberto rodriguez says:

If I order it would it come with tool or pegs

The House says:


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