2016 Kink Launch Review/Bike check

So when I was researching this bike before I buying it I realized that there aren’t a lot of reviews on YouTube or anywhere about this bike. So I hope this video helps you out before if you are looking at buying this bike. If you have any further questions about the bike feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I’m sorry if the quality isn’t the best, I shot this in my room with my phone by myself so I’m sure its not the best filming I’ve ever done.


Dennis Martinez says:

get sunday knox its the best for the price. had mine for a year now still running great!

Danny Alexander says:

Getting my first Bmx bike today should I get this one

Brock Yosick says:

Are the fireballs you have on there 2.40 because I want to get a launch but I wanna be able to fit 2.40

Tactical Bandit says:


zac doss says:

Aye thanks for uploading this video because I am planning to order this bike on danscomp and like you said there aren’t a lot of reviews on this bike. I am actually planning on getting the chrome framed one because that was the first one I saw while looking at this bike.

TheDarknessOfVoid says:

Danscomp has a %15 off code 4715TY, GETTING THIS BIKE + SOME ACCESSORIES FOR UNDER $300

Tan man says:

What’s the weigh??

adrian martins says:


Porters Blogs says:

I got a lot of rear wheels that are 19mm 9 tooth drive and there all rhd

Matteo Vertullo says:

Awesome vid!

Kristian Kanary says:

I’m the friend that bent the bars follow me on Instagram @kristiankanary

KeagsYT says:

What would you recommend I buy first as in part wise? Anything that I should replace asap or buy with the bike?

dennis roberts says:

Sounds like a girl

RayGaming says:

what size of frame is that?

Luke F. says:

I r8 8/8 m8

andrew says:

mad respect with this kid tbh

Knox says:

Where can I buy a kink whip 2016 it’s not on danscomp

Pete Horn says:

Thanks for the review!

Cervix Smasher says:

Im finding the same issue with the 2017 Kink Redwood Freecoaster… I just ordered it on dans comp. i cant find one review on it.. so looks like ill be providing you all with one… so how ever long dans shipping takes… youll have it

MMPL2 Bros says:

What kind of tires are those

DRIFTDUDE 17 says:

hey bro what size is your frame

Tan man says:

No problems with it or anything??

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