$69 WalMart BMX Bike Review – Kent Ambush

This is a review of the Kent ambush bike, which is $69 at Walmart. You actually get a lot of BMX bike for $69 at Walmart. They have bikes that are $49, but moving up to the $69 model get you a little bit more functionality if you really are going to use a Walmart BMX bike to ride skate park and learn BMX tricks. And this review of the $69 can’t ambush Walmart bike, I had my son and one of his friends ride it around the skate park, and they had a good time and did not break the bike. They prove that you can do a lot of basic tricks on it, it is OK for learning. It is better for shorter riders, but it is a pretty good bike for beginners. It will eventually break under hard BMX riding use and trick riding, so if your kid does start to do difficult things and really get into BMX, you should buy him a more expensive bike before he breaks this one. If he just wants to have a BMX look and ride and ride to school and back, then the Kent ambush bike will work. I was actually quite impressed with how much bike you get for $69 at Walmart these days. The writers in the video are CF3bmx and @bazanson. You can look them up on Instagram, and you can look up CF3BMX on YouTube to see more videos of him riding this bike at the skate park. We had a lot of fun with this bike, and all the BMX riders wanted to take it for a ride and see just how good or bad it was. That’s my review of the $69 Walmart BMX bike, the Kent ambush. If you are looking for a cheap beginner BMX bike, and you have less than $100, the Kent Ambush would do. It’s still better to buy a sturdier stronger higher quality BMX bike, but if you really can’t afford one, then this one is OK.
See my son and his friends at the skatepark on this bike here:
The guys in my video are on instagram at cf3bmx and bazanson.


DZ Fishing says:

my first bmx was a cheap dicks bike it had three peace cranks decent grips and many upgrades and it was still only 200$

MrFredzy Gamer says:

Lol I live in kent!

Zoomster says:

What was the orange bike?

Ccbs R.c. says:

#whellie powa bmx gang

‍1marcelfilms says:

This is cool. My pants always got me too expensive bikes when i was a kid and it sucked because they would get mad if id mess it up

Alan Guerrero says:

the brakes on that thing my suck my nipple i almost died

Shelby GT 350 says:

Quality is a huge key in the pricing of real bmx but I was wondering is real bmx bikes weigh less than Walmart bikes so it makes it easier to get the bike off the ground or is the weight the same?

Kamren Gilmore says:

I got one like that

Letton Gaming says:

its not the quality of the bike its the walmart workers that put them together they need to put somone that either knows how to put a bike together or buy the bikes premade from the factory because some bikes at walmart the handle bars wont even stat still its rediculous they need to make a law where the make them good hats a saftey issue

IanDaKorean says:

Does your son have his saddle all the way up?

beach bummin says:

thats strange that it dont have the cable brackets for the forks that allow you to spin the handlebars, i have seen so many kents from walmart have them, its also strange that its missing a peg, they do come with both, however it depends on the store, some have their employees assemble them, some have a professional that drives from store to store to assemble them. btw, pull the crank and grease them bearings, most the time i work on a wamart bike theres no grease on the crank bearings, they are caged bearings so they wont roll out on the floor on you.

Eddie Scorsese says:

Just for riding around the block for a 8 year old should be good? Just bought it last minute online

Jason Freeman says:

that just proves its the Rider not the bike , but…………..I would have got at Least a Mongoose , they are Legit & have been around before fit , colony verve all them other bike companies , I had a mongoose racing bike in the early 80s , slapped some pegs on it mid 80s and …………..started freestyling , easy peeezy

Noah Calderon says:

lol $69 and 69 likes



Stephen Carmona says:

That’s the best ride a Walmart bike is ever going to get.

ItsMiguel says:

I Have a Robin and a GT, Fuck Walmart Bikes. Pieces Of Shit

ACoustaDC says:

hmmm, So i just bought my 8YO. a razor bike. It as 110. When you consider that price, still dirt cheap. I should take it back and buy this one… because the bike isn’t an iPad and wont command his attention. how many bikes has the clown fart gone through to this point and what is the investment so far?

Gobby Prick says:

Just my own uneducated humble opinion,

I would never buy my kid a cheap bike.

I’d rather spend a little more money and KNOW that they have a quality product underneath them than some piece of shit Walmart death machine with pretty stickers.

To me good equipment inspires confidence.

cam maguire says:

Is cf3 his son

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