$80 Walmart BMX Bike VS NYC Streets 2

I went to Walmart and bought another $80 “BMX” Bike to see if it could handle the mean streets of New York City. We bought a different bike than part 1 and came back with 10 improved street BMX challenges for this bike. The durability of the Walmart bike took us by surprise. Myself, Anthony Panza and Pete put this bike through some serious testing. FTL Giveaway (Details in video) SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/59J8MC

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Akito Sema says:

I’m watching Nagaland state(India)
Love the video..
And the giveaway I need it… I hope I get it

Sphoxros says:

Its ridiculous how poorly that bike was put together, nearly everything was loose, I’d be ashamed if I built that bike, and then the ones they forget to even put the pegs on ? Shit, I wouldn’t have even put that out on the sales floor until I got them replaced.

BamBam Gaming says:

These guys act like children. Fucking grow up

ChristianProgrammer says:

The Potentially Krazy incident edited out at 17:36 was more interesting than this entire video. Shouldn’t these gentlemen be learning how to cut diamonds or mold gold or something.

407MurkEm says:

I’m watching from Orlando Florida

Dustin Keiser says:

make them ledges niiice and chunky for the skateboarders haha love it!

donovan stagg says:

Should bought a hyper and test that one

DzuAbu says:

Great challenges! Respect from Latvia )

Dylan Weise says:

14:25 I died LOL

Дмитрий Смагин says:

I do not know why everyone is writing, where they are looking from, but I watching from Russia

Tris says:

Yokuska Japan!

Eagle Force says:

Bunch of wet blankets in the comment section

ronald lazar says:

Crazy aSs Newyorkers…Loved it!!!

uncleartax says:

Reminds me ridin and acting like that when i was 14

Henry Nick Soriano says:

the guy wearing red jacket is so Lit bro!

Clorox Wipes says:


King k says:

Y’all boys be turnt I need to link wit y’all

Tweech O says:

Follow the Leader?…so basically “Be a Sheep”

ChristianProgrammer says:

4:46 deodorant ? LOL I don’t understand skaters or BMX people I just don’t get it

Neo Blackjack thee enraged says:

A pig is still a pig no matter where you live.

Wilx777773 says:

15:28 jajaja xD

Zach Clough says:

Nice pick in your car love bmw

Olla Rahmadani says:

sergio ramos is that you?

Mike Scollin says:

19:54 best part!

Justin C says:

Sacramento, CA

Ken Stew says:

Autism austin is a bitch.

Joseph Ince says:

I’d like to be that privileged to throw a big stone on a bike one day.

The Tuned Tank says:

Wisconsin. Been thinking of getting a streetbike to fit better in my Bug than a trail bike

Matthew Dabdoub says:

I don’t understand what the cop is saying

Sip Vasquez says:

was cool up until the back talk to the cop. that wasnt cool, and sucks cause i wanted to watch the whole thing.




making my way down town

Sean Greenhalgh says:

Imagine if they got the standard of a bmx bike for $80, up to a rock solid pro level bike? Now that would be amazing. Needs better cranks no?

Tk1947 says:

Yo, someone in the bmx community should film a video about trashing a walmart bike… then make a pod cast about sound cloud rappers but have a basket ball logo and triple steam the pod cast and get on the news about damaging old ass water parks

MustacheLT says:

You can’t cross the line what a pussys

mainkraft 1v1 dzik sto pro says:

Gdańsk, Poland <3

Bo says:

Those dumb ass kids lol

David Boggs says:

Never buy a walmart bike.
They are so fucking cheap it’s basically just a showcase model.

James Downey says:

Yal with all the cops are the best parts I love it stay pimpin

FrozenExplosion says:

11:45 showing your immaturity in front of the cop, he was more than fair and you sounded like an entitled child.

Pro On says:

cool tow truck driver he must be from Texas

A Touching Display says:

love it bro!! big up!! like and sub!! support me back if u want!!cheers from Italy!

Annonymous Ghost detector says:

U got a new subscriber bro.. Keep it up, cool videos

Aldo Lizalde says:

I bought an ambush, took it apart, bought self sealing inner tubes, bought white good year tires, peeled off the stickers, took off the break lines, took off the reflectors, painted the frame silver, painted the wheels handle bar and all the hardware gloss black, put it back together with medium strength thread lock on all the bolts, and bought black pegs for both front and back wheels, it looks great and feels great when I ride it now

Edit: I’m not really as into bmx as these guys are but I just wanted my bike to look and feel nice, in total it costed me like $150, might get a new seat tho

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