Adam LZ Blazin Bike Check 2014

Somehow we got the bright idea for me to eat BWW’s blazin’ hot wings while I filmed my bike check. I’ve always been the kid who finds spicy chicken nuggets practically unbearable, so hot wings made things interesting.

I think bike checks are super generic and really boring to watch, so I always try to do something to make mine different from the rest. If you enjoyed it, please hit the like button so everyone knows it’s not just another kid pointing his gopro at his bike telling you what he bought off danscomp…
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Infinity Angel says:

Adam LZ vs TwisterX15

Lilly Coffield says:

you are the best YouTuber ever keep doing what you do

Robyn DuBois says:

I want that shirt

Killemgently says:

i remember when lz didnt censor himself lmao these were the dayz boyz now hes like pg 13 lol still dig your videos tho bro not hatin just found this funny

Element 46 says:

Wait a minute that’s my school

Chloe says:

Where your wings from

NiaH_BeatZ says:

U High?

Andrew Garrison says:

Top tube length?

Dextory. says:

What Back Hub ?

Joey Knelsen says:

I love your videos same and tried making my bmx flat black it looks like crap now I want to sand it off

White Pillow says:

what kind of chain are you using?

Steel says:

I didn’t know you could inject marijuana. learn something everyday I guess.

harrison henak says:

said fuck like 3 times funny as fuck lmfao

Austin Wood says:

I subbed to I love BMX keep doing what your doing

chris sprosen says:

top man Adam lz you’re actually funny asf lol thanks for the hours of entertainment i just subscribed so doing some catching up

Riley Budgell says:

Throwback.. Now I’m hungry dang. Anyway, why does your bike make a sound when it rolls? What kind of hub makes that noise?

Craig Marshall says:

how bout them wings

nerdcube hd says:

I tried a ghost pepper

White Jesus says:

how much is this?

ohshitwhatsmyname says:

He’s at my school XD this videos so old! come back and give me some free stuff

Aaron Pierce says:

I am thinking about getting a bike for my b-day what do you suggest getting

Robert Lund says:

shadow vultus bars

w3llplayed says:

Hearing adam swear is so weird now

Kyle Munoz says:

why am I getting caleces on my hands ??

THE DUDE says:

injecting marijuana?

MEL says:

Who is watching this in 2017 like if u are

Aj Rodriguez says:

make a scooter vid

Louis Teo says:

I bought 4 of ur stickers and itz awesome

Odin Made Minecraft says:

I just realized he doesn’t swear as much as he is too which is cool

Jamell Holmes says:

Bro you just made me hungry

Monika Ptak says:

if you don’t have hot food you
eat raw food

Spencer Valky says:

Hey man I’ve been subbed for a long time and love it kepp it up

nerdcube hd says:


Micah B says:

i want hot wings now :/

MrBenji says:

Totale bike cost?

onion salami says:

Best AdamLZ video ever posted.

Red Skull says:

I dare you to eat 3 hot wings at a time

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