Basic differences between street and race BMX bikes

In this video, we cover some very basic differences between street and race BMX bikes. This clip is intended for anyone who is new to BMX racing and has limited knowledge of BMX bikes. We don’t get all ‘technical’ in our explanations, we’ve kept it simple to make it easy for non-BMX people to understand.


U R NOT ME says:

Street bikes would be just as light if you removed those wheel reflectors! DAMMIT!!!

Emanuel Sanchez says:

is a gt a bmx

Luis Alberto Ahumada Abrigo says:

Nice video! may I ask you something?
I want to transform my Street BMX to a Race BMX. So far, I’m not interested in make it lighter, I just want to change the brakes, handlebar and front sprocket.
About the sprocket sizes, now I have 9 back and 25 front, if I want to change only the front sprocket, which size would you recommend me?
And which size of handlebar?
Thank you very much

John Bobadilla says:

Race bikes are sleeker looking

anthony palmaro says:

Most street bmx guys dont run brakes. I dont either

Dyson Rocha says:

Looks like the race bmx has a longer frame.

habib dirham says:

only part make it’s deferent.why make people think alot?

Connor Peterson says:

My position 1 bike weighs like 10 pounds with carbon fiber and micrometer

Dark Coven says:

Bunch of young Idiot in the comments.

Big Cheese says:

Also the frame on the race bike is curved

Rorriz Ferroriz says:

Well the race looks like an xl or 24 and the street looks like a 20

Andres Soriano says:

Fuck I got a race bmx I was excited getting my first and didn’t know much so I got the race one instead of street bmx

SE Lee says:

I think every BMX biker is looking for the lightest possible, no for speed so much as the ability to control it. Its a lot easier to move around 10 lbs or 20.

Dark Flame Gaming says:

Recommendations on tires? Knobby for racing?

Tomtom 22 says:

Sorry but you know nothing about bmx bikes

Riley Medina says:

What type of race bike is that

illest 1313 says:

what are the exact differences of a mini or micro compared to a regular street bike or racing bike?

Mason Guist says:

can I also add in the shape of the frame, the tires, and the fact that most freestyle bikes 99% of the time don’t have front brakes and most the time back brakes aswell unless you are riding park

ponga2x says:

if I turn my race bmx to a street bmx would be there any difference or anything?

NateBmx says:

lmao he called them foot pegs

WSballer7 says:

How much do your 2.35 tires cost in dollars

Tim Desrosiers says:

A street bmx can weigh less than what he said

Hart Ramos says:

what is the best for bmx tricks or transportation?

duanchamp1988 says:

i have a haro x01 backtrail series that i bought used and im pretty new to the bmx scene. Would this be considered freestyle or racer?

Cristiano Gerke says:

Que preço $$???

Cristiano Gerke says:

Vocês mandão para o Brasil?

Anthony Enriquez says:

he says rice bee m x

Irene Marc says:

I have racing bmx can i use it for street bmxing

Geofrey'sFace 500 says:

But we can use race BMX bike for tricks right?

fivetengarage says:

He said the street bike was heavier due to a “Solid” steel frame. Steel tubing yes. Solid steel no.

BotRus says:

they aren’t really foot pegs anymore, they’re used for grinds nowadays

Mark Vosburgh says:

what is better Tobler crack or normal

Sorat Wheels says:

raely foot pegs pegs are for grinds bruh


whats the differences btween park and steet bike wise

Meraki says:

And why can’t I take my race bmx to skate park because at

Instinct Squad says:

Alloy bicycle frames are good?

Starbomb GD says:

The only thing I really disagree with is that a lot of street bikes are brakeless

Dyson Rocha says:

Correct if I’m wrong

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