Behold! The Fat Ripper BMX

If you’ve been following this YouTube channel you’ve seen swing bikes, tall bikes, and even bikes that are hard to call bikes. Today we’ll look at what is easily the most belligerent bike I’ve ever seen—The SE Fat Ripper.

With 26 by 3 and a half inch tires, it’s definitely fat bike, but clearly it’s also a BMX. The Fat Ripper was designed and tested by BMX legend Todd Lyons, who is brand manager for SE Bikes. In his video, you’ll see that the fat tires turn bumps in the pavement into straight up ramps.

It is Todd who sent over this bike for testing, so today we’re going to do that Miami style.

The first thing I noticed about the Fat Ripper was how dope it looked. From the old school BMX adornments to the SE Logo shaped cutouts in the rims, this thing turns heads.

Another thing I noticed was that the massive tires chirp every time the bike lands as the mass of the wheels adjust to their ground speed. That’s the only thing you’ll hear when the Fat Ripper lands, as these parts are battle ready.

The Fat Ripper weighed in at 36 pounds, and to be honest, I was surprised it wasn’t heavier. After all, this bike isn’t just for show, it can handle the abuse you would expect from a BMX. Because of the weight, you need to be heavy handed with the Fat Ripper if you want it to obey your commands.

Staircases feel like nothing. Curbs are like kicker ramps. Ramps, are like—ramps. If you’ve jumped on a BMX, you’ll be able to jump the Fat Ripper.

I’ve ridden a BMX on mountain bike trails before, and it’s a pretty rough ride on the chunkier sections. The Fat Ripper feels more like a fat bike, but with BMX geometry that beckons you to take to the air. The rigid frame and bouncy tires make this pig fly off everything.

Like the other novelty bikes we’ve tested on this channel, I can already smell the comments about how it’s just for attention, or that it’s totally impractical. This vocal minority is kind of a sad bunch. The Fat Ripper is unapologetically flamboyant and impractical, and that’s what makes it so awesome. It’s the perfect bike for the beach, social rides, bar crawls, or even getting around town in an unruly manner. It weighs less than most cruisers, and is more comfortable than most fat bikes. The Fat Ripper is the ultimate smile delivery device, and I can’t stop riding it. I hope it put a smile on your face, because we’ll be seeing a lot more of this bike around here.

Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

If you want to see the full assembly video of the Fat Ripper plus other behind the scenes content, follow the link in the description to support me on Patreon. Also, check out the video that Todd Lyons made on this bike to see what it can really do.

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Thanks to my friend, Zach for getting all those great shots. We did this all yesterday morning starting at 7AM! Check out his videos here:

Here’s some more info on the Fat Ripper, along with some more riding
2017 Fat Ripper

And here are some examples of what this thing can really do, in a video featuring Todd Lyons on last year’s model


hunter m LMFAO says:

3:00 no fuckin way that skatepark is in miami

Anonymous says:

That a wheelie bike

neontetra1000 says:

The downside to this bike is that it makes the rider look 5 years old.

EliteGamerGt says:

can i have your bike am from miami

Demon King Of The North says:

These need to be available EVERYWHERE! I’ve never spent a lot on a bike before but I would for a fat BMX!!

B Dragon says:

It’s like a BMX with a pituitary problem. I think I want one!

Hadrian Park Bike Life/ Taylor Thoburn says:

I have 2 big rippers, om duro, and a fat ripper, never had any defects or problems

Matt says:

I got a boner when I saw it then I looked at the price and she went down…

Will Andersen says:

Dear Seth i have been thinking of getting a fat ripper but i don’t think i’m able to handle it for wheels so i don’t know if i should get a big ripper or a fat ripper for a young kid like me what are your opinion on this from your biggest fan

King Kappa says:

I can’t help but notice how much he sounds like Casey Neistat

Motosport X says:


or gamidov says:

Hey Seth why did you put in the background the 80’s song

Flats Forlife says:

how can you not love a bike that makes you feel 10 years old again, a shed must have I say.

saamyak sharma says:

What’s the song

iWonderOfficial says:

“Because we will see a lot more of this bike on this channel” – still waiting for that Seth! Would love to see more of the Fat Ripper. Awesome video! I enjoy the shooting and music

squidinmypants 64 says:

how much ill buy two

Ryan Scates says:

What helmet are you using?

David Case says:

popular in DC

that fingerboarder says:

that thing looks really cool

J jamie says:


F&S Video Stars says:

What’s easier to wheelie se big ripper or mtb

Johncgaming11 says:

It’s for wheelieing

JodogX13 says:

How long till theres an affordable version


it so big for bmx so it doesnt look like a bmx that cinda suck 🙁

dierre pernell says:

ill take it

Art Part says:

I got a pk ripper mike buff I love it!

Seth Francis Sim Racing says:

Great vid, my name is Seth too!

XxN L M BxX says:

I want a big ripper sooo baddddd

Robert Lucas says:

” and ramps are like, ramps”

dragons says:

Song name?

Micah Andersen says:

chip da ripper

David Lommano says:

Does it wheelie thow

Logman1YT says:

hey seth i was thinking about getting a diamondback line 27 mountain bike would you agree or should i go a bit better

David_ øn2wheels says:

but can it handle abuse from David_ øn2wheels ????

John fawcett says:

so dope , where do I get one

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