Best BMX Bikes 2015

My top 10 name brand choices of select 2015 bmx brand models from 10-1. Top 10 most popular/well built bmx bikes of the year 2015. Best road/street bikes brands. How to bmx video. Please leave a like if you enjoyed because making videos like these are time consuming and take a lot of work.

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Music: Ricky hil – Stupid
From “candy painted coffins”
Limosa nostra 2015
Ricky Hil performing – Stupid
Permission from artist to upload

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Dandogood says:

GT is also really good

SaD_ItsMax_ LV says:

well I guess ur right, but still hero look like my dads old bmx(like 20 years ago)

Old Channel go to New SkylerZingrey says:

I almost puked at 3:10

JacobHmar30 JacobHmar30 says:

the song

alexharrisfishing says:


Callum Gladman says:

Saw about 3 decent bikes. The rest were cheap bmx bikes and some of them werent even a bmx

Bmx loves Matthew says:

I have a mongoose scan r50

Abel Delacruz says:

I got a we the people trust bmx bike

deezswag 67 says:

He stole my intro!!!!!!!

Ana Lidia Dragan says:

“se” no bmx

Old Channel go to New SkylerZingrey says:

And 3:18 and 3:20 make me want to kill the person who made them

Jakeymiester says:

Can someone please give me a list of good and cheap bmx brands?

Arno Baur says:




Adriana Taques says:

Bem loca as bike

# Walffles says:

Y do most bikes have big stars??big stars sucks and go slow

David Badillo Badillo says:

David Badillo

Marcus Espinoza says:

is kink good


Is your head screwed on correct? For #1 I was expecting a good BMX bike…

Marcus Espinoza says:

is blank good

يوسف لانيق اسمي says:


dislike this comment says:

I’m getting a mafia mush 2+ as my first bmx

Gabe Coon says:

WTF SE IS NOT BMX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benas Mic says:

Ruption Phase BMX Bike 2016 is it good for a starter for me for £167.99?

SaD_ItsMax_ LV says:

We’re is MafiaBikes? I have 1 and its da best

kevin duarte says:

Love how the best bmx bike is a mountain bikes. Honestly the 2 best are Verde and WeAreThePeople.

Joeshi says:

CE doesnt do bmx bikes though…

FriedChips Videos says:

I’m getting a Diamondback BMX for christmas. How light are they?

Johnny says:

who is mafiabike

Little Dude Bmx says:

Wtf is this list it just says the brand

Zach Hasty says:

First up you said bmx bikes. Not custom bikes, complete bikes and then you show random pictures of bikes. And really? SE? Those are mountain bikes not bmx you even put a road bike in there. Btw your editing… sucks

Lolea Andreea says:

felt is a good bmx?

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