What are THE BEST complete BMX bikes you should buy in 2018? Here are a few….

These are in my opinion the bikes that stuck out to me the most. They’re insane quality associated with amazing riders and clean looks. Hope this helped you make a decision on what complete bmx bike to ride for the new year!


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But morning dose of positivity is worth visitin the channel manually..

Kooper Gauthier says:

Your the best your my favourite bmx Channel my favourite is the wtp zodiac and reason

oh yeah yeah says:

Aka some of the most expensive 🙁 rlly dont want a MAFIA ffs

RaZe_Reaper _ says:

We the people envy

michael hoey says:

I wanted to get into bmx I found a kink legend 2019 bike that i can trade my xbox one x for. I’m 5,9 155 lbs. Wanna use it mainly street and riding around the hood. Is it a good bike

lorenzo bmx says:


xX _TheLyricalLemonXx says:

It’s 500

Alice W says:

Haro dave Mirra tribute

Samuel Wilcox Bmx says:

Hey so where do we send u bmx edits for the sponsor video thing? I think it’s a cool idea and it’s great your giving all bmx riders a chance! Also I’m a big fan☺

Justin Tapia says:

Having bmx bikes is awesome

pizzapoweer joey says:

My friend is going to buy a bmx i already have one with a 360 steer now hes going with a cable not a 360 steer. in the netherlands you get arrested if you have no brakes. Otherwise a bmx i think is no so mutch money

Coppice says:

would a Flybikes Sion 2018 be a good bmx to get started with? (looking for a bmx with 21″ tt)

Damien Crain says:

You remind me of Walter white’s son in breaking bad

Cole Darman says:

The soundwave bike or the streetsweeper bike

Victor Feytons says:

hi i’m here

Brandon Reynolds says:

Opinion on radio bmx? ordered the 2018 comrad, had customs in the past

-[ ANONYMOUS ]- says:

Grenade Launch pro x or total killabee pro x

Yurk Smursh says:

I’m looking to get back into bmxing, could anyone recommend me a decent bike to be used mainly for dirt jumps? I’m out of touch, it’s been 10 years….

Dead meme says:

Razor scooters are my favorite complete bikes.

zawrh says:

All of them

Erik Dewild says:

Unbelievable I know exactly what bike to buy now!

Julian Givens says:

nice vid

jack joyce says:

You should’ve put the bikes for sale in t description.

James Radical says:

greyson roberts is the inspiration behind my youtube channel

Ronnie Brashears says:

street sweeper is fire! thats what im looking to get as soon as it comes in stock

xX _TheLyricalLemonXx says:

Subrosa letum is really good

Horuziz says:

okay for a kid that lives in egypt we are a pretty poor country i mean we have everything but everything is way too expensive i think one american dollar equals 20 egyptian pounds so homie got himself a fake bmx and its really hard to do tricks on it and we dont even have skate parks here so yeahhh life is hard *AF*

Cameron Rieta says:

Is the 2018 haro boulevard a good bike


Sunday streetsweeper is basically like the soundwave without the fancy wave tubing.. but its kinda more affordable..

And is it acceptable in the bmx industry to not like jet feul ?? I dont like that colour at all.. im more into muted colourways..

Cameron Rieta says:

I have a 2018 haro boulevard

Jesus Flores says:

You forgot the kink whip 2019 bro thats my fave and alot of peoples to

Austin Diamond says:

I’m trying to get the Haro Ck AM complete pearl white

jay_the_god so cray says:

This video sucked he talk out whole video I’m not a hater it is just that he talking too much

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