BMX Basics: Explaining Frame Dimensions

In the wake of the one million products we posted from Interbike, we deliver something that I don’t believe really exists out on the interwebz: a current, thorough explanation of the angles of your frame. From the head tube angle to the chainstays, e


Spiros Proteinis says:

I’m 5’6” 1/2 and I want so much a 21” frame bike. Will it be good for me?

Outer-Heaven says:

what size wheels do I put on a 21in frame

Floid Barber says:

Makes sense bro

stay alive says:

I’m 5″8 almost 5’9 and I’m 220 losing weight slowly but what size is good for Me????

Russell Parker says:

that build looks so sweet.

Hermann UTZ says:

i´m 6´4 what should i get? 22″TT? i ride a 26 mtb but i want a bmx because it´s looks much better

Thomas Pickering says:

Anyone know what sort of frame I should get, I’ve been riding a stock haro frame for 2 years and ride a lot of park but do quite a few heavy grinds?

illest 1313 says:

what is the difference between a micro or Mini compared to a standard Street or race bmx?

StylerBaron says:

What is the size?

U R NOT ME says:

Geometry looks great, but the ACOUSTICS SUCK!!! DAMMIT!!

Alejandro Acosta says:

damn I’m 5’9″ 132 lbs and I was about to order a freaking beautiful 20.5
is it worth enough to just get a bit less good looking 20.85, or a more expensive 20.75?

SBM Crew says:

Im 5’7 what frame would be best for bars and whips, new to bmx but i scooter and want to be a top allround actionsports star ⭐️

Poluch says:

What’s the color of this frame?! I can’t find it anywhere :c

Arseezy says:

I’m 5’10 and 290lbs. I bought a 20″ for dirt cheap, but is that even the right size for me?

Alvaro Luna says:

Im 180cm more or less. Do i need a 21” frame?

muffemod says:

Sadly this was 20 years too late 🙁

Denis says:

I am 5″5 and i do have the options to choose from a 20.4 and a 20.75 but the 20.75 is a hybrid between cassette and freecoaster and is also a chromoly bike, the 20.4 one being a Hi-ten, cassette bike.

Adomas Studio says:

Okay, let’s say I’m 180cm tall (that’s not far to 6 feet) and I weight about 90 kg. Is 21 toptube good for me? Do I need 24 tt? I grow up fast. Will I be able to do stunts? Answer asap

Derrick Johnson says:

I’m about 5’10” and 300lbs but steady loosing weight. any recommendations?

Alee Alexandra says:

I’m 5.1, should i buy a 20” frame?

BMX For life says:

I’m wondering if there’s I big difference between 20,5 and 20,75? I really need to know

G Arts says:

Im 1.77 tall what frame should i buy ?

Mr Jester4401 says:

I’m 5,10 and 165 and i love freestyle not a park fan what type of geometry should i have a longer frame or shorter?

thelocustemperor says:

You should make an info graphic image for the most common types of bikes, you really know your stuff!!

TheJobber says:

I’m 5’7 looking at getting a 20.75 tt frame
is this correct?

wtf kolok says:

wow its a nice bike …can i barrow that bro please

Yorben Cassimon says:

So im 6″. Totally new to BMX. How big does my bike needs to be? Thanks!

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