BMX Bike Buying Guide

Watch this BMX bike buyer’s guide if you are a new rider who will be buying your first BMX bike. You want to buy a BMX bike with all of the good quality parts so you don’t have to add them later. It is cheaper to pay a little more for the right BMX bike than to buy the wrong one and customize it later. A good BMX bike will have a sealed bearing bottom bracket, strong cranks, tough wheels, a heavy-duty forks, and good brakes. This BMX Bike Buying Guide video shows you what to look for. Here are some helpful links.
Bike sizing chart:|charts/riderchart.htm
Pivotal seat installation:
Replacing 1-piece cranks with a sealed bottom bracket:
How to pick the right BMX bike wheel:
Bike checks for the bikes in this video:


Prankster Gangster says:

What bike does he have

Wędzony napój gazowany says:

I want to buy my first BMX, will Haro Midway 20″ be a good choice? If not, what else could i get for simillar price?

Nathaniel Gallant says:

Ok thanks

Alonzo Luna says:

I subscribed

Larry Barnett says:

Hey, im looking into getting my first bmx bike and im wondering what website or somewhere to get a good bmx bike

dylan the scooter kid says:

lol bahhhaaa

Alex Yarur says:

dont buy a complete if its not ur first bike. spend a little money, build something. its cheaper and will be much stronger. and riding no brakes is not dangerous and you dont have to shove your foot in the tire.

Kevin Velez says:

I have been wondering? What happens if you upgrade a walmart bike? Like it will maker lighter? Or something

Typical Asian says:

I got one with no brakes and when I put my foot on the tire to stop it I flipped over

Scott Young says:

Can I send you a picture of my bike? Because I don’t know how much I should sell it for??

TrendSet SB says:

What seat is that ? (On the white bike)

claudia Rodriguez says:

Ill take it

Alex Yarur says:

also, buy a real hubguard, not a 15 dollar plastic guard . ive run them before and they arent worth it. they will destroy your bike if you make a wrong move

JJ Animations says:

hi +hoohoohoblin I would like to know if the avigo bone colletctor bike is good for me to buy you can search for the bike on google>

Anthony George says:

You Liuget don’t know anything

nolife get one says:

hey i am looking for a freestyle bmx and i’m wondering what website or somewhere to get a good bmx bike or if there are things to look at while buying one

iAaronnn says:

Do you have any recommendations?

Diedrich Penner says:

fuck brakes

Ej2Shifty says:

where can i get one of these bikes ?

BearGames 2004 says:

how old you must be to ride it because i am 11

Thomas Doran says:

Just because the cassette hub isn’t loud doesn’t mean it’s worse or better fyi

Bryce smith says:

I have the same bike it’s a merico debut

Nathaniel Gallant says:

I have a bike fro wAlmart and don’t have the money for a real bmx what can I do to my Walmart bike to make it better

sacrificed apex says:

just fucking shut up

Joshua McClure says:

My address is 6361 hokins road mentorohio

ApexMC says:

ok thanks man. but one question. can i buy a bmx from a normal bike store?

Alex Yarur says:

wow. this guy really doesnt know what hes doing.

Yolanda Melgar says:

can you help me. i wanna buy a decent bmx bike for cheap. any ideas where i can find it .

PhoenixHydra says:

None of those are BMX bikes. You’re confusing a freestyle bike with a BMX bike just because it’s 20 inch. BMX is bicycle motocross “racing”. You told them not to buy a large sprocket. Large sprocket IS BMX. The the front sprocket changes teeth depending on the gear you like. You told them to look for a loud freewheel. Loud can also mean it needs grease. It’s not an indication of quality. Gyros aren’t used on BMX because you don’t spin the handlebars to race and you want the bike as light as possible.

BMX buying guide

Check weight of bike look for rust on the frame or use a magnet to test the frame. If it’s heavy, has rust on the frame or the magnet sticks don’t buy it. Anything else can be changed. Most parts that come on a factory bike will probably be inferior anyway.

michael johnson says:

Whats wrong with a one piece crank? It peddles no different from the 3 piece and it’s easier and faster to work on.

Sly Beast says:

can someone please send me a link to a really good beginners bmx bike most i can pay is 250 maybe more…

Diwash Khatiwada says:

could you please tell me the cheapest price of it

ANønymouš SK1TZØ says:

U don’t have to stick your foot in the front tire it’s easy to put your foot in the back tire just saying

ADICEY says:

What bike is that?

the winnipeg transit fan huang says:

k like who needs a small sprocket, I have a mid range like around 30 tooth and it like worked fine

Hunter Verrill says:

hi im hunter, im 14 years old, 5’7, 140 pounds. I don’t have a bmx bike but i have been looking into it ever since i rode my friends bike. I found myself to be really good and wanting to get my own bike so I’ve been watching video after video. I still don’t know what brand or type of bike to get. I want a bmx bike for mostly cruising around and light tricks like small jumps and flatland tricks. Im very confused to where to get all this from though. Like “where do i buy these parts” “do i buy the parts all together” “do i buy everything as one” “do i get the parts of my bike from a store or a website” thanks again for this video it helped a lot just to sure where or how to buy a new bmx bike, thank you 🙂

Mozzy 46 says:

Wow this guy hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about

Joshua McClure says:

I want one becouse all my freinds a wanting me to have one

deVille NM says:

this fuckin guy has no clue wtf hes talking about…

Angel amarillas says:

Do a video on how to find what integrated head set to buy

Alex Yarur says:

also, dont even come to youtube for advice. find out what others are riding and what feels good to you. small sprockets in the front mean nothing. i see pros riding 30 tooth sprockets vs the 25 tooth this guy is running. all it means is that you get more clearance on coping in skateparks with a smaller sprocket and you get much better acceleration.

RedMoWarrior says:

i don’t think it matters if the wheels were to make a lot of sound. Doesn’t mean anything

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