BMX Biking : How to Choose a BMX Bike

When picking out a BMX bike, it’s important to lean towards personal preferences, such as whether or not to run brakes. Discover why BMX riders often use plastic pedals with help from a BMX bike racer in this free video on BMX bikes.

Expert: Shane Jackson
Bio: Shane Jackson has 20 years of experience racing BMX bikes.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton


Duster says:

Idk if it matters but I push with my left foot on a skateboard so should I get the drive train on the left side or right side? Thanks!

Jayden Dunn says:

Omg at 1:25 his studer lmao

Justin Nelson says:

this guy studders too much

Parkourwolf21 says:

What size suits me I’m 5ft2 and 14 yrs

Ian Taplin says:

He’s just saying bmx is personal preference

Master Shef Master Chef says:

im 5,6 wht size should i get

Bryan Osenga says:

you are asum

foow hawk says:

im getting a mafiabike an im 13 around 5 foot and i like a bike thats not to big so i can j hop betterr idk if thats helps but is bar rise 3 – 5 and bar width 22 – 25 and crank length 160 – 177 and i like a bike thats faster and a little hard to pedal gearing 42-43/16 sound good for me

Bib Bob says:

I like you saying “if you like it ride it, don’t let anyone bring ou down”

Olli says:

I already have a bike and know everything about bmx why am i watching this? @_@

left behind says:

im 25 is it too late to start out

Cody Robinson says:

I’m 6 foot, and about 155 pounds. what type of freestyle bike should I get? I want to do mostly street tricks, manuals, etc. I don’t want a heavy bike, I want a light bike I can get high hops with, but also not crack when crashing.. any help would be awesome. I know nothing about bmx, I used to skate but definitely want to do bmx.

ColeTheMan says:

Im 5 foot 11 what inch should I get?

Rahul Warren says:

is 20.25inch make things different to 20.5inch

John Michael Guillermo says:

Thanks bro.
i ride a cheap bike. but i love to ride it.

Kieron says:

Help! My bmx sprocket is so big and all my friends has way smaller sprockets ( circle with spikes on near the cranks)

InQ says:

Is 20 inch bmx good for me? I’m 1,78cm

humberto Perea says:

I Got A Kent Ambush Bmx But Is It Good?

Benjamin Shields says:

Thanks. This helped a lot to me

Solo Elijah says:

i live in the netherlands so dont know what feets are. but i am 1meter and 45 centimeter wich inch?

Rafael Productions says:

720p video from 2009? rare.

siquator says:

I’m 6’5 and was thinking of eventually getting a 24″, I ride a 20 right now and it’s fun just a bit awkward



Канал Кабанов says:

What a village! Where the fuck have you seen an aluminium freestyle BMX frame?

corbin gage says:

thank you for the advice

Bleach says:

I’m 5’6 is a 20inch good?

Gabriel Wellington says:

what kind of bmx should i get for mostly street riding?

Mohammad Shisha says:

Im 1 meter and 42 centemeter what should I get

asnxiii says:

I’m 5’7 how many inches do I buy

Magik_Hawk says:

Should I get a 20″ bike because I’m 5’10” or 5’11”

Канал Кабанов says:

What a village! Are you disabled or something? Saying that it is all to personal preference. Charlie Crumlish could do fine on a 19 inch bike and a nine year old kid can ride a 22 inch bike. WTF?!

dillon doughty says:

wow man. There is so much more to it than that. There is top tube, chainstay, bar height, stem length, topload vs. front load. Your drivetrain should depend on what side you grind/ roatate. There is a fork offset that matters. You also dont have a good understanding of cassette v. freecoaster.

Ben Holloway says:

I’m getting a 20 inch soon and I’m about 5’1 and I’m 13 is 20 inch too small?

Hasan Mujallid says:

i need to know what bike should i get… im 1.60m almost

trolled 14 says:

I’m 1,80 centimeter what inch

Я Ilan Zatonski says:

Hey whatsup man I have a mountain bike which sucks it’s really slow and my friend has a BMI cobra that’s been modified to go really fast and I want the bike for real basic stuff and Mainly for speed I wanna ride the pike to school it’s 2-3 miles away so I want a bike that will ride really fast should I get aluminum or chromoly frame?

Crash says:

is mongoose good

bleach says:

nnnnice vvideo dddude

JamBooshGaming says:

i am 1.50m what size bike do i need(I know I am short)

Alan Rosales says:

Im at 5’7′ what toptube would be good for me


I’m 6″0 is 20 inch good

Ethan Scott says:

Nathan also died



jeremiah foltyniak says:

just got a dirt nasty mongoose from Kmart. goin pro soon

doomydoomer CZ says:

im 5′ 1 can i ride 20 inch ? pls hurry

Emilio Sierra says:

I’m 6foot4 230lbs.. (Hopefully I lose some weight after I start riding) What size bike should I get? I plan to be riding street most of the time. Thanks for your input guys!

Ryan G says:

How long does it take to learn how to 180?

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