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This is my SE Everyday, which I picked up a few days ago at a bike shop. It’s a solid entry level BMX bike, which costs around $300. This likely puts me in the same situation as you, whether you’re hopping on a BMX for the first time, or picking up the sport again after years of hiatus.

Let’s take a look at my SE. Notice the steel frame, the heavy duty 3-piece crank, the compact drivetrain, and the two-piece handlebars. These are the features you’ll find on almost ANY decent BMX bike today, but there are lots of other parts of the setup to consider, like brakes vs no-brakes, pegs, how many pegs, etc. We’ll get into all of that stuff later on, but right now all you need to know is that a good BMX will be really heavy duty.

This is because even the best BMX riders fail over and over and over again until they pull a new trick. Here’s me when I was like 16 years old. See? I didn’t even check the bike to see if it was okay.

In BMX, if you aren’t falling, you aren’t progressing, period. This isn’t to say you’ll always get hurt when you fall. In fact, learning to fall properly is something that comes with practice, but the main point is that you won’t have time to worry about your bike when you’re on a collision course with the ground.

We will be touching on some of the finer points of falling in this series.

It’s been a few days since I bought my SE, and I’m starting to get used to it. At first I was looping out like crazy on manuals and bunny hops, but now the bike is starting to feel somewhat normal to me. It feels awesome to ride some street again.

Compared to a mountain bike or even a trials bike, it feels really stiff, and twitchy, all in a good way though. Even if you haven’t started to learn tricks yet, it’s important to get a lot of riding time in on your new bmx just so you can get a feel for the geometry, the steering, and the overall ride.

We’re going to start with basic techniques like manuals and bunny hops, and then we’ll learn how to not die at the skatepark. Then we’ll learn how to fly. Finally, we’ll move on to intermediate skills like 360’s, wall rides, and combos. All of this stuff is fully attainable in your first year of BMX, as long as you’re in good shape and can put in the riding time.

In the next video, we’ll learn about BMX maintenance, what tools to use, and some of the things you’ll need to adjust as you ride your new BMX. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

Here’s the bike from this series:

Check out the bar I 180’ed the keg in:


Cool Glitch says:

Seth’s bike do you need to stand up on your bike and then pull the bike up to jump

j verdoes says:

I want a BMX but my parents say they are for kids and I don’t really have the money for it. If I have a BMX I’m gonna make video’s with it

KripToZ_GaMeR says:

1:28 BMX IN UR HOUSE jeez. .

Maverick 1852 says:

love your bike

NytOnPeliAika says:

awh it is not in amazon anymore 🙁

Amr Hiamrela says:

I am new to BMX, just getting into it.
Thank you for showing the old video failing(“it is easy to say oh professionals were once beginners like you”, BUT actually seeing the beginner part and seeing how you progessed”) Makes a huge difference, because the sport is not just about physical BUT also how strong you are mentally to keep pushing through.Thank you Sir
and also mentioning that it is part of Bmx to fall.
I am glad i found your channel.

codename7000 says:

Their designed so you can wheelie them easily…

a_too_the_k 47 says:

Hey Mr. Seth I was wondering if you think this bike would be a good bike and I am 5 foot one

CheesyPasta says:

i have a BMX from the 80’s (it was my grandpas) and im only 12 lol.

PURIX says:

I have a question, how does the saddle needs to be positioned? At my level or very low?

Google This says:

Great channel.

Francisco Gamboa says:

Seth, if you make more BMX videos, can you explain more about the handling and body positioning? I’ve noticed people hold the bmx bars really in the center. I used to ride bmx years ago and didnt hold it that way. Now I ride downhill but i want to go back to bmx.

Justin Case says:

0:02 but on the other vid I said u got it on amazon

UXAX Thanos says:

can u do dirt jumping both in street and park

Ethan Bittner says:

You were balding at age 16 too?

Itz Collector says:

Who else is rocking a Fit Custom? Anyone?

Danny Delacueva Music Poetry is my cure says:

I was gonna ask you something or anyone that could help me out I just got a bmx my self its a subrosa xl 2017 and the wheel size is 20×2.35 and my height is 59 I was gonna say in oder to pull off tricks do you have to get the right bmx or is the one I have good enough to be able to do a bunny hop and other things that I could do


voice crack at 0:05

Hans says:

buy a helmet

Jairus Bernal says:

the struggles of getting the back wheel off…. pulling that shit hard without wiggling it is just going to smack you in the face XD

Marius Bartolome says:

is that a u brake

Windex says:

lol I check my bike before I even check if I’m ok xd

FullMetal Jesus says:

i can get the se hoodrich 2016 for 290€ and the se mauler for 330€ which one should i take as a beginner?

Daniel Yaguas says:

Did u record with a potato when u were 16

BlackMonkeyG4ming says:

U looked like a 40 yr old

LV Vloggers/Gamers says:

do you think a diamondback bmx is good?? cause im going to buy one

DustyLight says:

How long is the tt?

Προφήτης Τραγος says:

Dear Seth I ve got a race type bmx can be used for flatland?

Dick Lee says:

0:58 not much has changed

Marius Bartolome says:

will an OS can fit on standard

M.FARIS4 says:

how old are you

Holybeer Tworays says:

Seth, is a 250 dollar BMX okay for beginners like me?

King Toucan says:

Man when I was 11 I went on to a deep slope and fell like you did when you were 16.

Michael Jin says:

1:04 famous clip

Camden Kilton says:

When I get my BMX will it matter which side I put my pegs on?

kevkiller2002 says:

Can you make a video on how to adjust the brakes on a BMX?

Justin Hernandez says:

Yo man you should definitely make another bmx on the trail video!!! I only have a bmx and that’s all I ride on trails. It’s super fun in the right paths and terrain and I want people to know that is doesn’t take an expensive mountain bike to have some fun in the good outdoors

BlackMonkeyG4ming says:

You looked old at 16 lol

Nancy Scott says:

i have a pink kinda rusty bmx

Old Channel go to New SkylerZingrey says:

I’m getting a Sunday Everyday

Street BMX says:

If you guys are into street riding, subscribe to my channel. I post BMX videos everyday.

Dogeisan Dan says:

my bmx has joined its brothers my brakes dont work!

Gael GamingTV // GGTV says:

how old are you

Unsubscribe.stress says:

hashtag defintitely not sponsored hahaahha

Phantomx0_1 says:

So when’s the new bmx episode coming??

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