DK Xenia 26″ BMX/Dirt Jump Bike (Wal Mart version) Review

DK Xenia 26″ Dirt Jump bike review.
Walmart (only?) version.
Not bad for $230. If all the parts work for you.


Designed By Instinct says:

Yes. I put on a 16T x 3/32″ (English thread) Excess Components freewheel.
Exact replacement size.
Any old school 16T English thread freewheel should work.
I got the Excess because it was highly rated and only $20!
Excess is 8 lug, nicer than 4 lug. You can use any regular 4 lug tool to remove.

Bradley Albrecht says:

just got a 129$ Wal-Mart bike and the best part is it’s really fucking good. everything works but I’m sure it’s going to be all wack by next week

devil modz says:

i live in xenia

Jay Otto says:

What size cog came on it originally? Same as the replacement?

Aaron Duff says:

Sweet bike duuuude!

Max Deutsch says:

Hey I have this same bike but I upgraded the crap out of it:
I feel like there were 2 intended purposes for this bike: 1 is to be a bmx cruiser like you have it set up, or a dirt jumper like I set it up. Honestly mine seems pretty good, I want higher rise bars, a new crankset and a new bottom bracket for sure though. The front and rear hubs are pretty decent but the freehub sucks and my rear wheel slides around in the dropout like crazy. Other than that mine is pretty bullet proof.

Designed By Instinct says:

It’s not heavy. You’ll need to buy tall bars to make it comfortable for riding any distance. That may make it not worth it.
Like, if you’re riding to work 10-15 miles each way…get a full size mountain bike for $300.
For stuntin around…this bike is perfect though. Nothing to break.

Designed By Instinct says:

Thanks! I was in a hurry because the natives in the background were gonna get restless. It’s def. a decent bike for $230. The flat bar sucks if you want to use the bike as a cruiser. 7.5″ rise bars are PERFECT. A lot of guys on the net were putting 5.5″ rise on it. Don’t see how that would work very well.
I’m 6′ 2″ and feel comfortable goofing around on it with the 7.5″
Oh yeah, the rotor was so sharp it cut my hand taking it off. Avid parts aren’t murder weapons in comparison.

freakdope17 says:

good review

voltron512 says:

Thanks, been looking for a bmx cruiser and this just may work!

angela jay says:

Was the stock brake cable long enough for the new handlebars or did u have to replace it for a longer one? Thx.

angela jay says:

U read my mind, just ordered 8.25×28.25 DK bars for only $25. Thx for the info.

Derek Everyguy says:

Beats walking, good review.

Designed By Instinct says:

Right on! Trick it out.

Laz Man says:

thinking about buying this, is it good for riding like 10-15 miles or so ? how heavy is it? thanks

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