Thats right, Today we go to Walmart and actually see what is the matter with the bikes. Do they pass regulation or not? With the help from the EXACT Safety and Regulations book (https://www.cpsc.gov/Business–Manufacturing/Business-Education/Business-Guidance/Bicycle-Requirements ) and we find out some EXTREMELY shocking news about the Bikes. The location of this Walmart is DISCLOSED. But feel free to go to your local Walmart and check out the bikes for yourself in attempt to see if they are any worse than these ones, and feel free to tag me in your results. thanks for watching homies:) Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you are NEW!

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Got crabs? says:

My hyper 21 speed dosnt meet many of the specifications

flitsies says:

A lot of the small defects you highlight can easily be fixed with a little bit of knowledge, youtube offers up lots of help for people who are willing to have a go.

So yes I take your point that Walmart bikes are not the best and I suspect they would even agree with you that they are not the best, but someone who is poor and honest and trying to do the right thing and show their kids the right way to live by not taking things that don’t belong to them, buying a Walmart bike is better then your bike for them because it belongs to them and they learn how to fix it and work on it and enjoy it for what it is.

So I think you are completely wrong to diss Walmart bikes for the reasons I have mentioned and more.

If you are well off then for sure a Walmart bike is not for you, but if you are poor so long as they check the bike over before it is sold to the customer the Walmart bikes are the perfect solution for someone who wants a nice bike that they can afford and own without stealing other people’s property and as a bike itself you could get many many hours of fun our of riding one.

Antonio Martinez Vlogs says:

they are not BMX bikes because they are heavy also. THEY AREN’T BMX BIKES

1234 1233 says:

I once took a $100 wallmart mountain bike on a bike trail I road 1 hour there and 1 hour back it was really good for the price

Rally Harper says:

Your fucked

Isaiah Spivey says:

It’s isaiah spivey

Chevy Sargent says:

I’m not really intetested in bikes anymore, really big into cars but when I was younger I never rode Walmart bikes because I hated the cheesy paint and anything with stickers for that matter. I got my bikes used from Craigslist and 99% of them were chrome 90s bmx bikes. Built pretty good and easy to clean up. Still have my first 20 inch

Manuel Gutierrez says:

The only real BMX bikes are sold in an actual bike shop or store not places like Walmart or Target or stores like that. Those in my opinion are just bicycles that you ride around on flat ground. They are not built for tricks and jumps.

Sawbeck 93 says:

As a person who only rode walmart bikes the first thing i did was take off the brakes & the chain guard then tightened all the bolts with thread locker after that they were somewhat rideable

Racer X says:

I understand the idea behind this video. But you’re missing the big picture. Mostly because you’re young and so is your fan base. You’re also probably a well off white kid who is privileged and receives brand name products as gifts for whatever the occasion may be. First off you’re reviewing FLOOR MODEL BIKES! Floor model. Bikes that are just thrown together for consumers to be able to see. Before riding it when you get it home or allowing your children to why would you NOT go over it and tighten everything up? And adjust the brakes or what have you. These bikes are for people or in general kids who can’t afford $500+ bikes. Or who doesn’t have mommies and daddies to buy them those kind of bikes. Also how do you know they are or will be unsafe regarding the welds? Have you stress tested these frames? Have they failed on anyone yet? To cut this short this video is clickbait bullshit buy a privileged little teenie. Like with all things Ill bet there are kids out there that can out ride, style and trick better than you on these “unsafe crappy wanna be freestyle bmx bikes”. Bunch of spoiled poser twinks.

John White says:

I build WM bikes. You are right tho, the parts and designs are not for ‘real’. The guys I work with are all good mechanics. I only allow the bike off my stand when I am sure my grandkids or wife could ride it safely. I wish they were all build like that. Some of the items you pointed out are mostly from manufacturing like excessive grease or poor looking welds. Most of the fasteners are sub par or not what a real manufacturer would use.

Rude Potato says:

The screws holding the handlebars in place come pre greased and NOTHING else in that area should be greased. It would only decrease stability and make a mess. As far as greasing the pedals before screwing them on, that should always be greased for performance and it makes them easier to take off even if no one ever will because it’s a shitty Walmart bike.

Preston Frady says:

You should do a BMX bike review on a Collective BMX Bike. It’s a Ryan Taylor bike

Maria Soto says:

You dumb asf just get off YouTube

Furry Music Station says:

better then the skate boards there I would ride there bikes

DYNA KLO says:

Lets be clear! Walmart bikes are for ONE single purpose, for kids and grown ups that ride VERY VERY SLOW and OVERLY CALMLY to ‘MOPE’ around on and for ‘PRETENDING’ to ride so they can say “hey , we do this cool thing also”. Well I can tell you WALMART bikes are NOT safe for even ‘pedaling fast’ as the flimsy gears push the chain up and slip over the gears with any kind of leverage or speed. So one fix may be to buy chromoly gears. however if you make an error and scrape or smack into something there is also the possibility of injury being caused by the mild steel used throughout as it is not safe for landings jumps tricks ramps bunny hops, sand, pavement , road, sidewalk, bike trail, etc. IN FACT, if you go mountain biking with a Walmart bike you are first of all looking at hospital or death because those ‘shocks’ are mearly for looks. for kids riding the bikes that look like the pros bikes. TRUST me Walmart bikes aren’t even good for ‘pedaling with any leverage whatsoever’ due to the bike not being able to stand up to the torsional flexural structural forces at play. when iwas a 140lb bicycler ihad a 1984 huffy pro thunder II and it could fly at about 40mph and ican hit fifty mph for an instant. (many crashes) the only time the fork tab broke when I landed in a sand pit in nellis trails where ilived. no one won me in a race. it broke many chains in half so iused a motorcycle chain.iam athletic build and weigh 200 lbs. now iride a heavy cheap steal bike from the 90’s and it sucks , the gears suck also a stock used component it has a 52tooth and a 10 on the back , icant pedal it hard at all or it just flys off or snaps this in itself could cause you to tumble at speed immediately as the pedal losses its resitance and you would be sucked under (ihave long years battling this so idont crash when icatch it) . so there you go. I had a Walmart black hybrid 27.5″ its awesome except the flimsy gears and the tensioner is not strong enough to keep the chain from overriding gears slipping over the top of them. oh yeah and the whole mess of these bikes I threw away as scrap because the pedal assemblies stripped out and whalered out all misshapen and there is no fix even I fyou weld them together. it all sucks. its for rolling around pointlessly. that is still fun and average child weakling isn’t going to care but ihave noticed they are always buying new ones to replace the old one, a common theme now adays even with cars. cars the way they were it was meant as a component repair system that keeps you going not a smashit all up 20’000 dollar and up past 100,000 dollar expense every so many years. but that is what the greedy worshipers want ‘poor quality and mass quantity with medium to high quality price”. its all junk.


I put no bc we have one 60 miles away

Fatcobra35 says:

you get what you pay for

M1 Gaming says:

I had one of the second types off brakes. We loosened the brakes and they didn’t do anything

freedom seeker says:

Lol my mangoose bike, I just baught it like two months ago and the brakes don’t even work anymore.

channelofstuff says:

you’re supposed to check your bike before every ride.

Robbie King says:

That well looks like ur hair

Masen Johnson says:

Used to work at walmart, they come pretty much per assembled they just put the wheels and pegs on

FlavoredBleach says:

High-key I bought a Walmart BMX bike and just switched out certain parts that were just garbage

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