Big shoutout to MAFIABIKES!! The new Harry Main Hitmain frame feels amazing. Never ever have i felt more confident on a new bike, and that is absolutely amazing! CALL ME OUT SOME TRICKS FOR THE NEXT VIDEO, AND YOU YOU WILL GET A SHOUTOUT!!


TheDevilsDJ ツ says:

congratz on your sponsor ola!!! you must like that bike alot if your doing them crazy tricks straight out the box 😀 good job bro!

Bloo says:

when did you get your bike cause i ordered mine in February and its suppose to come in late march they said

Jaquan May says:

u said at 50k there would be 720 flat attempt/video

Zaan Tane says:

Amazing video work

Eddy Adams says:

All bendicta dose is shake her head and grunt

rarzeroad vids says:

Ola can u pls try a 540 flat in the new bike to see if u have got it and if u haven’t can u make a vid on how u practice it thanks love ur vids bro

TumoFiji says:

new bike looks bonerific!

DEVILS BMX OFICIAL prop.Marko snep says:

Amazing that barspin down tailwhip
… thanks to your videos I’m inspired to be better rider bmx 🙂

Regards Bro

Adam Pierce says:

that last trick was epic wish i could do tricks like that

cj edwards says:

hey when are u giving away a BMX bike

Tim Celik says:

I thought the thumbnail was a joke

KlondikeBunz says:

why are the forks backwards in the thumbnail

Jujun Junaedi says:

Bycicle Boleh buat saya

Kb R says:

Fantastic video. Great tricks, awesome.

TheRealMikearch says:

that trick was fucking AMAZING bro !!!!

TheGrundigg says:

Ola, You really need some lock on grips, they cannot slide and are sturdy built for mtb. 🙂

Manual Crankers says:

Put a shoelace round your hub to keep it clean

Chris Payne says:

Awesome video Ola! Keep it up on the Green fuel steez!!

Vo!d Gamer says:

can anyone tell me if a 26 inch wheel can fit a bmx frame??? please anyone reply

Hydefinition tv says:

Flip or three over benedicte

Charlie Smith says:

540 flair to flair bar

Larn Baldwin says:

Havnt seen u do a 540 flair in a while

Kristers Ivanovs says:

Ola, you should make your own mafia design.

luke mcrae says:

ola, can you find me a benedicte pls bro she is perfection

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