Framed Attack Pro BMX Bike

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If you are going to be late to the party then you better be the best dressed. For 2106 we are stoked to offer up our all new Attack Pro series BMX bike! We wanted to get a team together and this is what we needed for our riders so this is what you get as well, dope right? We know. Let’s get down to brass tax here; we went a bit crazy with our new Cromoly so we added it to our: Main triangles, cranks, forks and our all new handle bars with a 29in width, 8 3/4 Height, 12 degree back sweep and 1 degree up sweep! Did we stop there? Nope, We added a Pivotal seat seat post combo and biggest of all we shoe’d up the Attack Pro with big ol” 2.3in tires from Innova for better grip and none of the slip and absorption impact on all riding surfaces when going big.

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Darksting says:

is this a good fit for a 5’8 dude? or would the sapient titan be a better fit?

Will Olson says:

That looks fresh

The-_-Gamer 29 says:

can you guys do a review on this bike pls

jose villegas says:

Can u get it in a different color ?

Yvng.king954 says:

Can this bike also be use as cruising?

Clean says:

do you sell it on the website? and if you do how much?

matthew stetler says:

Where do I buy it

Jenna Gabriella says:

What size are the tires?

HuhWhat says:

+The House you guys should make this colorway available in other models

Vickie Decker says:

the bike is gorgeuos

IdubbbzTV says:

I want this bike so bad but I don’t go the money


This piece of shit cost too much money and it’s made in China I ain’t giving Chinese my American money suck my dick Chinese fucks

Shane Peters says:

+the house does it get scratch marks on the frame easy?

Slothey Alex says:

+the house I am 97 pounds and around 4’8 what size should I get?

Rothin 123456 says:

is it cuset or free coaster ?

VF6 says:

im getting this bike soon but my question is.. can i handle bar spin without the brake cable getting all wrapped around or will i have to take the brakes off thats what i did with my old bmx bike

Oprollix says:

I just but the bike but I was wondering what size pegs fit?

Bryce Fergie says:

worth the money.?? and is it possible to get it right braked but have a left side sproket

MuchEquinox says:


julius reynolds says:

Is this bike good for impact and jumps? And riding wheelies?

chasity haily rose grieves says:


Cody harrington says:

What’s the name of this colour?

RealBoy907 says:

how long would it take to ship?

Airsoft 101 says:

+thehouse does it have pedal breaks

ReedRjdb says:

Is it a freewheel?

Ru-Kaylee ペンドラー says:

are these strong?

Evan D says:

It’s not a good bike a friend has this bike and pedal Brock and plastic parts

Un Thinkable Gaming says:

I was going to buy this but I got the get slammer

vReIay says:

Is the bike free coaster ?

KneesDownL1T says:

I’m new to bmx but I can only spend like 100 to 125 on a bike I’m thinking the impact is it good?

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