How to Build a BMX Frame

Step by step details on how to build a BMX bike out of your new frame! Also featuring some other random fun stuff with Taylor. I tried to make this entertaining even if you have no intentions of ever building a frame 🙂 Shirts, Stickers, and frames –

If you have any questions please ask them in the comments section. If you have any answers to peoples questions, please provide them in the comments section.

Thank you for watching!

Music – David Cutter


oofee leelee says:

whats the total cost of your bike?

Seth C says:

watch scooty crammer

damien holloway says:

were do you get a already done bmx bike

Micael Girard says:

this dude look like he lace wheels as easily as some people grip a skateboard

Cameron Broe says:

Well obviously you’re an idiot because you’re supposed to loosen the pinch bolts on the stem before loosening the compression bolt

Aaro Mesa says:

Loving the radar detector

antonio casanova says:

WHERES BERT?!?!?!? I loved the webisodes with Bert!!!

MeltTheSpecialSnowflakes says:

How do you find out if the cranks and frame will fit??

awesome E says:

Hey adam could u givd me a bmx bike

NateShot says:

can someone tell me what do i need for a bike so can build it

SamAllison says:

I need new bearing but I don’t know what size I need

TheMemeTrain says:

4:59 helped me alot

RD Gaming says:

Where at in Florida imare them stores cause I live in jacksonville

Seth Mills says:

Are your rims double wall, because I go the same ones in black on my complete

Elondia Dotson says:

what kind of bike does he have it looks amazing

al0oy علاووي says:

العربي لايك

gg04 gaming says:

That frame giveaway idea won’t work because I’m British and I’ve watched you for years Adam. therefore I wouldn’t be able to compete

Cole Bauguess says:

I bought one and just built it check it out on my insta. I’ll
Build you bike too if you’d like _cole.bauguess_

nik o says:

i from Greece

Short Street Rod Shop’s Gear heads and more says:

If I was to buy a frame from u would the sprocket and bars come with it or would I have to buy them separate

speghetti cwason says:

how do you stop a wabble in your headset

SlimBoy Mini BMX says:


Alpha Brooks says:

I looked at your website I hated all the prices so I didn’t buy none

Robert Lee says:

Why do these new bikes have headsets with a c cap and not the old style shim and bolt,. When I rode mine worked just fine shim and bolt that is. And why the extra small front sprocket I don,t get it is it because you can bash on them with out hang ups or is it more easier to grine or something. I bet the gears speed is all messed up. I ran a 43 tooth front sprocket yea big, and a 15 tooth back sprocket.

Kaden RZ says:

Subscribe to my channel It would be a dream of mine to reach 1000 subscribers

skadaltriplets says:

is your faviorit couler green

Atom Bomb Gaming says:

What bike is used in this video. Also, do you know any good bike under $325 for a 12 yr old that is for street?

Ryan Clark says:

How do I build a proper bmx bike I have little knowledge

Mihnea Stroe says:

you’r bike parts please? :))

Adrian D says:

This is my fav bike so far i fckin love that color!

charlie morgan says:

What stuff do u need to buy after you have the frame and how much roughly will the rest cost

Nathen Felix says:

adam what brand is your rims

DSG_Lawyer Games says:

I love the BMW

Muhd Shamin Muhd Shamin says:

i like this

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