This is the guide of how to buy a BMX bike! In this video we take you around my bike shop and show you all of our BMX bikes and we go over everything that you would need to know about buying beginner bikes and even custom bikes that can cost $1,000. We also talk about the different sizes of the bikes and which sized rider should be on which sized bikes! We love BMX and we want to help everyone learn how to buy the bike of their dreams!

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Sloe Most says:

Would have been good to talk about frame quality / material etc. That probably is the biggest reflection of frame price when buying. Most cheaper / beginner being high tensile steel as opposed to chromoly.

Jonny Pennell says:

um bikes come bigger than 21

Aric Herweck says:

Wish I knew you dudes

Hooshboi 366 says:

I think you should do custom build competitions in the back and all of them go into the front and film it and also you can mix and match the parts

Quirin says:

Damn, the prices are really good.

Stephen Adams says:

What the hell i just saw today’s video and clicked on it and it wont play

ezra lessard says:

how can you recommend abike from aiffrent company than the one your sponsored

Ray Cornett says:

Cheap tf broke kids like me gotta get cheap shit my god the small fee of 700 bucks what do you mean brother my god lmao

Glama Basic says:

Broke as a Joke…so hillarious, Big Boy is the Secret Star of the Show !

Kim Nielsen says:

Scotty im yor scrybes.

Matthew Anderson says:

Do one on rims


Good vid bro

a_J0HNNY says:

What happens if I want to buy a Corey Burgler bike? Scotty

Fergman123451 says:

Seriously cut the hair!!!!!!

Cj Willams says:

can I get a bike

LazyDays420 says:

i got a bike from a second hand store a few years back for $50, turns out it was a dave mirra special with a Mat Hoffman 3pce crank, im looking at rebuilding it at the moment this is alot of help on pricing for new parts

Fergman123451 says:

Looks like red moss!!

Fergman123451 says:

Sooooo glad you have big girl, “let me help you” on sight to help.

Alex Christensen says:

Bikes in the States are so cheap compared to Canada

Francisco Rios Cuellar says:

770!!!! That’s to much but there nice!

Liofa says:

Drink every time Matty says “is” when he means “are”…

Gareth Horlick says:

Did I just hear Matty pronounce aluminium the correct way??!! You must be spending too much time with the tall order guys! ( And girl).

Espen Johansen says:

can someone get big boy to shut up? I know he is mentally challenged, that’s not a reason to have him in all the videos

Iain Mcfly says:

They pretty much don’t exist in japan

Tenoch Mtz says:

I’m 5’9 and looking forward to starting bmx , what would be a good size frame?

Dank Riding says:

big boy should get the cult pink camo tire.. XD

Chris R says:

Thank you guys so much for this video. You rock!!!!

amandajean_bmx says:

random question, i was told it was okay to ride goofy (i’m left foot forward and spin left for tricks/air left/etc). as i progress, is that going to be a problem?

Francisco Rios Cuellar says:

Bro I can’t even afford a bmx dam man must be nice to have a bmx store

Jocelyn De Leon says:

You guys should try to make a online bmx bike store
Like if you agree

Paul James says:

Something to look for aswell is Full Chromoly frame forks bars no hi-ten steel poo m/

Tobias Haslev says:

Ohh i wish u had an online store i live in Denmark so i have no living way to buy ur bikes :((

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