Mike Gray for Haro Bikes – 2016

Mike put a solid nine months into this project hammering it out in SoCal at spots in San Diego, LA, Irvine and Riverside. Mike is riding a Haro SDv2 and a white Haro CK sample frame in this.

Video by Christian Rigal shot in 4k

Titles by Kelly Bolton

Mozes and the Firstborn- Time’s a Headache
Danava- Longdance



Endoftheline XD says:

what front pegs should you use they ar not normal

Mateo Hermosilla says:

Muy guay tu bmx

Mateo Hermosilla says:

Otro nivelaso

Diegobmx diegobmx says:

Ver y profesional

Angélica Castellanos says:

Muy buenos mil respetos

Tom -Clash Of Clans- says:


joey g says:

2:32 crazyyyy

Alfie Hughes says:

why do u have likes disabled nobody could dislike this!!!!!

Lucas Williams says:

what tyres are the grey set?

Ben Warren says:

Got a haro and I love riding it it’s dope and so clean

59Mrflow says:



What Genre of music is this? It’s so good

Dimitris Villiotis says:


Armaan Heir says:

Nice I just got a haro downtown 2017 bike today absolutely love it,keep up the good work!!!

Viictorr Osorio02 says:

wow is master!!

Cipi's Vlog says:

This video is so Great i like it Bravo Mike Gray and yeah nice Haroo #BIG LIKE FOR HARO AND MIKE

ryk vanderpol says:

I really hope that this cinematic – type camera work becomes more prevalent in BMX edits. Much more intriguing and pleasing to watch. Its about time we leave the low angle fisheye lens shots and 720p quality in the past.

Pamela Louise Caringal says:

what country are u form ???

soulbmxmag says:

Crazy riding as usual, but maybe missing a bit of soul ?


What music in this video?

No legal Name says:

Haha, my son has made me buy a bmx so we can ride our local ramps, i use to ride so long ago I remember Bob Haro. Just checking out the current competition, I’m doomed!

Arjuna Rogers says:

haro and fiend got the best tunes i swear!

ZachTheGamer 812 says:

Jesus christ i didn’t know you can be that rough with a BMX i tried and was always scared of denting my rim or busting a inner tube…

Nathan Craig says:

By me watching this makes me miss rideing my bmx bike

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