My New BMX Bike (2017 Kink Curb BMX)

Made a video about my new 2017 Kink Curb BMX Bike with some cinematics at the end. Thank You.

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DannnyCx says:

what bmx bike and bike size do you perfer i get? i’m 6’0

62 Savage says:

im 5’9 190 pounds, is this a good bike for me

Desperado delgado says:

kink is shit

oj- gaming says:

What’s that song when you were showing your bike off it sounds like a good song

el rosas CREW says:



Raniel Agellon says:

wow nice bike

Canyon crossett says:

take the brakes off it looks gay with them on

Briar Langley says:

take the brakes off

Donna Rodgers says:

is there a way I can put a gyro on my kink curb 2017

Jaylen Williams says:

What size was that? Does anyone know

Coffie 15 says:

Is this one 20″ or 20.5″???

Michael Simpfenderfer says:

Could you please tell me the weight of the bike and the top tube length

Cervix Smasher says:

ill have my review of a 2017 Redwood Freecoaster up when it gets here fri or saturday

K&D BMX says:

Hey just wondering is dans comp a good place to buy from cause i’m buying the same bike just the black one and i was wondering if its a good place to buy from

Kieron says:

your chain is a bit loose or is it just me?

Thomas Doran says:

can you take off brake mounts

Donna Rodgers says:

cause like it don’t have the two holes for gyro tabs

Αθανάσιος Ζώτος says:

pls unboxing

The Meximan says:

I got the exact same bike and it should be here tomorrow

Ruben Martinez says:

Where did u get the bike from?

Tye Renaud says:

What tire size did u get

Seco CDN V2 says:

are both tires 20×3.5

Brandon Alvarez says:


Jorge Caudillo says:

is it heavy I’m 5’1

Rolando Martinez says:

did you get it from danscomp

grape salad says:

free dans comp shirt i see

Jacob Ocejo says:

oh and nice editing btw

Girlskateboarderr says:

I have that same bike !

Daily Grindz says:

American bottom brackets suck , get a euro bottom bracket

Damian Martin says:

is it heavy?

Daniela831 says:

how long did it take so that your bike could arrive ?

Jacob Ocejo says:

Nice video man, if you want to see a few videos about the new Kink Launch then check out my channel, maybe we could do a collaboration sometime lol

Instant Z says:

was you chain stiff because I got mine and when I peddled it was pretty stiff and I’m new to bmx

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