New BMX Bike Build!

I’ve been riding a bit more lately and nothing feels better than a fresh setup to go shred. Just kinda chill discussing what I chose and why!


Zarze 99 says:


Cody Kain says:

Good to see you riding again dude. Good to see you with a s&m too

SiN Loud says:

my old race bike had profile parts all over it and a couple otger parts here and there, was around 1400 total to build it. It weighed 11.8 lbs

Ed Voigt says:

What Chain?

Daniel LaMarche says:

What would you recommend for a budget bike?

michele vitarelli says:

whats up with the Taylor Swift cereal boxes?

Jack Buontempo says:

I want a personal apology from Aaron Ross

Krypto ___ says:

so like that dead pixel is bothering me

Danny Ruiz says:

he forget how to put a bike together?

Cam maguire says:

I’m so happy your getting back into bmx

ramen noodles says:

Well well well look who’s back

hayden gammel says:

Oh crap, I have those grips. Man they are soooo good. Even when they get dirty they still grip amazingly, even with sweaty hands. Love them.

DoubleFlip Gaming says:

Wow he has a bmx final instead of a car

Andrew Does YouTube says:

You used to ride with Matt Ray when you were young. Now you can buy his frame. Damn.

michele vitarelli says:

why not build it in that sweet garage?

Chris Life says:

Can we get a parts breakdown on your bike?

wackomanx says:

Damn, there is a headset more expensive than Chris King? I did the same thing with my bike, bought expensive parts. Pro XL build for racing and the wheels without tires cost around $700. Probably cost between $1,500-2,000 for the complete bike. I mean $109.99 + tax for the CK headset alone.

Roundup Gaming says:

yay some bmx on his channel again finally

Jon Galdames says:

loved seeing Jim and Cody in the outro.

Brenden Robbins says:

20 inch wide bars huh lmao

michele vitarelli says:

will it drift?

Xebeck Envenenado says:


GrantSmithBass says:

… I do remember seeing Bob Haro on his first Australian demo tour …. back in the 80s … I think he had the Half pipe hooked to a van ??

– Rock on !!

Mr. Banana man says:

I never knew Reed Stark had issues with you, i love BSD but im not surprised reed said that, hes a weird man

Christian Collins says:

I used break cleaner before and it instantly ate up my grips ha

Jason DeGroat says:

did you remember to close the dish washer

Because Miata says:

S&M makes good frames! I’m so use to seeing right hand drive hubs…your LHD looks trippy to me for some reason.

Nick Flux says:

You were my first bmx channel I watched. So glad you are getting back into it man.

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