SE Everyday BMX Bike Review
This is a review on my SE Everyday BMX bike. I purchased this for the sole purpose of doing some BMX tutorials on my YouTube channel. The bike was only about $300, and has exceeded my expectations. Proper assembly is of the utmost importance, as even before I did my tuneup there were parts of the bike that would come loose and/or make noises. Now, it easily takes a beating every day.

I’ve seen this bike at varying price ranges. Usually at the end of the year when the new models/colors come out you can get it discounted. With that said, if you can buy this between 3 or 4 hundred, it’s a good deal in my opinion, given how well built it is.


max coluccio says:

what wheel size Should I get if I’m 5’8

d&d bmx says:

I got a harp 300.2 and it is really good for 360 dollars all sealed except wheels

Scalex Gaming says:

Does any one recomnd a cheap MTB For a biginner because i want to start riding Bmx and MTB even though i ride a hoffman BMX want to learn MTB any suggestions Looking Under 500 pound or 465 Dollars

Jolly Jigsaw says:

My tires have a recommended pressure of 40 psi but I run them at 80. Is that bad?

SuitAndTy89 R says:

Would this be a good bike for a 5,3 13 year old for cruising and light off roaring

Víctor vidal says:

Son buenas las se bikes ???

Carlos Hernandez says:

i just bought this bike 2 days ago and it hold 60 psi but it is nice looking i might upgrade the sprocket and the chain thats about it maybe even grips

Melissa Weavil says:

I just bought one a few weeks ago. Thanks seth

Rush Tempz says:

I’m getting 2017 COLONY EMERGE BIKE is that good or bad

Utube_Assassin says:

Found a steal on a 2014 redline, so excited

Kyle Schwanz says:

Looking forward to more bmx videos and how too’s!! I’m 34 and getting back into bmx after a 15 year break. I feel like I’m starting over again and like your videos!! Can you maybe do a how to drop in video? I’m dying to ride hard but I’m terrified of getting hurt. Trying to get over my fear

Malik Seneviratne says:

Seth please make more BMX videos! I am new to BMX riding, so I would like some tips and tricks videos, you’re the only guy I watch when it comes to Bike Hacks.

Raven field weekly says:

my first and current bmx bike is a se so cal fyler with new grips, new tires, and a new seat.

Ecto says:

I rode some BMX when I was in third grade, now I’m almost in high school and want to start again, so I might pick this bike up.

William Buchanan says:

What’s the top tube does anyone know?

EPIC BMX says:

is a 26 pound free bmx bike out of someone’s backyard light

Richard says:

I run about 40 psi :p

Kevontea Gaston says:

im thinking of getting a so cal flyer should i get it im 12

724gdj says:

Is the boarded up building @1:37 the Miami Vice police station?oh yea-great videos-love the PK Ripper since i was 15 yrs old—in 1983- ouch-i had a supergoose back then!

smoking backwoods says:

I’m 5’11 is this bike too small

Jahnu8 says:

The only thing stopping me from buying this bike is that it’s high ten steel. Should I get it or try and find a full cromoly bike?

Connor Talbot says:

Is it a free coasters or cassette

im a lonely weeb hump me says:

You would have been better going with a framed bike the one I have has chromoly everything

Justin Juliette says:

I got a $190 bike from England while I was there and I’ve had it for 2 years and have only had to replace the tubes about 2 times and the grips literally once

Cameron Brown says:

This or a Sunday primer 2017

Lou G says:

please don’t use Dan’s..

Jaydon Garwood Films says:

U need hub guards

cj edwards says:

hey man are you giving away that BMX bike plz say yes

metal gaming says:



brake or brakeless

Aubrey the MTB lover says:

Please do more bmx vids

tyler wallace says:

How do you replace the Axle if it bends i kind of want to be able to do grinds

The OG Joker says:

what dos se stand for

Cooper Woollard says:

Can you do more bmx vids

Jahnu8 says:

Complete noob here. What’s a pinch flat?

Josiah Bostic says:

What do you think of the se bronco

Great Amazing says:

How much do you weigh Seth? I’m 5’10” and solid 220lbs. I want to get a Bike that will hold up, but I understand how important it is to be able to swap parts.

Mexican Bilbo Baggins says:

kinda crazy. at my local free bike place i found a se custom frame. i did some research and the frame it’s self could be worth about a grand

Hehe Hehe says:

I’m 13 and 4″9″ should I get this because I’m planning on getting it

Grady Sturgeon says:

is it dialed very well???

ThisL says:

is this freecoaster or cassette?

Dougls Montgomery says:

I been watching your vids for a while and I’m trying to get a bmx or a mtb I rode both as a child you inspired me to rode again but I have to save some money

Giovanny Pichardo says:

Thanks for this I just learned how to ride a bike and really want to get in to BMX I’m 6 4″ you have any suggestions on what size BMX bike I should be looking for as for week size psi and frame any info helps thanks

Henry mm says:

For me its between the Everyday and the 2017 GT performer. Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to spend more than $350

Blizter giu says:

This of Kush 2

MrtwinkieisBOSS _. says:

Is the se everyday better than a 2017 Kink curb?

_kieghan?_ says:

get a better helmet lol

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