Me and Skeggsy took the Madmains down to Southport Skatepark to put them through their paces & I did the ultimate test of these completes! Head over to to get yours NOW!


Jacob Borger says:

Sorry for commenting so late but how do the brakes work?

Little Geese says:

I’ve lived in Canada for 5 years and I lived by this skatepark

clacixs says:

petit question pour les francais le bmx avec les roues violet coûte combien (en euro) et le bmx fait conbien de pouce ?

Biscuits says:

Harry Main
Hi, I’m considering getting a bmx and was wondering what size bmx I should get; ( 16”/18”/20” ) 🙂
– biscuits

Master Shef Master Chef says:

there made from high tensile steel

DinksterFap69 says:

Saw him here the other day hahaha

oliweroli says:

i have black and green bmx i have GT slammer xdd

Brandon Barry says:

Tell sgesgys to cut his

Maxi. F says:

saquense ala verga aquí viene un comentario en español :v

Kyle Hanson says:

Do mafias come with freecoasters

Liion says:

It must be as well as BMX the problem is that when you want to do a bus or a barpin brakes tangles it’s boring?

Patricia Gomez says:


Taegan Kennerk says:

Add a red fuel

Bushcraft 264 says:

Shit bikes

oliweroli says:

i hale black and green bmx i have GT slammer xdd

Sebastian Niebla says:

CAn you bar spin with brakes on the bike ?

Littledeathkill gaming says:

what size are the tyres

Oliver Carroll says:

Can you do an unboxing of the gold bbkush 2+ please, that’s the bike I wanna get

Jon George says:

Harry – I bought a Madmain – First small bunny hop the crank arm bent! HAHAHA Do you know if mafia would supply me with another?

junior juninho says:

Harry main é americano galera?

Kian Shaw says:

he’s bc,

Noughtpoint2live says:

Keep up with the videos

David Rubio says:

Mongoose bmx are the best parts!

Evan Masterson says:

How heavy is the 18 inch

irene maas gonzalez says:

hola cuánto viven en Avenida BMX

Panagiotis Karnavos says:

this bike is 20 inch or 18

PlayNation says:

Is there going to be a Splatterfuel Hitmain?

Kristina Rajkovic says:

Is mafia bmx bike high quality?And can you do all tricks and wheelie with him ?

Kronic machine's says:

when you coming to Manchester for some BMX challenges.

Finley Cole says:

that flair was clean

Liam Stamper says:

Mafia brakes are so loud

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