TOP 10 WORST BMX BIKES OF 2019 | Twitter Bike Roast!

I swear to god i’m not high lol I shot this really late so I was tired and took me a while to film this hahaha. ANYWAY, today we got another twitter bike roast! Don’t forget to follow me @robertsgreyson and TWEET ME a picture of your bike…or anything else. Thanks for watching and hope you guys enjoyed!

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Matt Spell says:

My bike was at 4:17 and yeh the reason why it looks wet it’s cuz it was I was riding when it wa wet out lol. Also the thing on the seatpost is a ftl bike light. And yeah my back wheel fucked up lol got it used for 60 bucks tho and it was a custom wheel that’s usually like 220

Glass city Auto model says:

That all chrome older bike is a dyno/GT.

Jimmy P says:

My bike was the last one, and yeah Greyson, it’s not finished yet, I’m getting a new frame, fork and bars all in chrome, sticking with the white rims tho, gonna be sick.

FoRcE 2 says:

I just ordered a new 2019 cult control

Ryan Torrescano says:

i own the raw sunday with the galaxy seat, its a sunday street sweeper frame annd im running an odyssey clutch hub in the back the bike is all aftermarket besides the front wheel, thanks for putting it the vid, also the frame has no scratches because i just bought it lol but yea its not a complete its pretty much all aftermarket, thank u!

Ben Jordan says:

Fuck I have the perfect bike for this but I don’t have Twitter to send you a pic

David Scott Jr says:

Man that’s so funny I was watching you roast my bike it’s comedy anyways I will be getting rid of the mirraco bike and I’m going to be getting a Dennis enarson bike pretty soon and then I’ll let you roast that one.

Katie Mason says:

Great videos

ricky spanish says:

Ooh. Broken ribs feel amazing! Nothing can beat the feeling

a n g e l says:

Is a bmx launch 2019 good?

KAI_ Deku says:

Top 10 most aight

Victor Borges says:

Guys I’ve recently bought a Colony Premise frame. I’m starting bmxing, I can barely 180. Is it a good frame and brand to start? Here in Brazil bmx parts are expensive and there aren’t so many places to ride.
I usually don’t see videos about Colony brand. Isn’t it “famous” out there? Or it is not basically good enough?

KAI_ Deku says:

The red tire with the black strip are the Stevie Churchill tires

Modisodes says:

Let’s play skate 3 online

David Scott Jr says:

Thank you for roasting my bike I’ve been waiting for this for a long time thank you

jerad lewicki says:

You should play pipe bmx instead of skate 3

Crist Ram says:

Top 10 best?

Alberto Inamagua says:

Change the light balance … Unless you have it on auto then it’s always tricky … #WTP #Merritt #S&M #Odyssey #Swagggggg

Neal Daniels says:

No offense but you look like a soccer player with the headband

Ben Budd says:

Those bar pads used to be standard practice, ugly as shit lol, I’ll never understand why some rider are using them again..

David Scott Jr says:

My mirra bike I believe it is a mid School bike and it actually has a chromoly frame but I don’t like it that much

Ground Rule says:

9:15 looks like a MIrraco Five Star bike

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