Top 3 Best BMX Bikes Under $300 for Beginner BMX Riders/ BMX Buying Guide for Beginners

In this video I go over and review 3 BMX bikes that would be great for the beginner BMXer. Every bike features chromoly components and integrated headsets, the two main things I look for when choosing a BMX bike for a beginner.

If you need help putting together your new BMX check out my video, How to Build a BMX Bike:

And if you already have a BMX and you’re looking to upgrade your rear wheel check out my video Top 3 Back Wheels for Under $200:

*** BMX Bikes List in Order Mentioned in the Video, These Links will take you to the Amazon website ***

1. Hoffman Condor Complete BMX Bike

2. Eastern Javelin Complete BMX bike

3. Mongoose Legion L100 Complete BMX bike

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Aquatic Addictions says:

So what if your 37 and 210 pounds and want to get back into riding after 17years of not riding and not being that good when you any of these still good. And being 5″10

hj hfj says:

Great video!

Ryder Aitken says:

Only 73 subs!!!?

J Olivas says:

The Hoffman site claims the Condor Recruiter Line is specifically designed for young beginning riders. Does that have something to do with its size? Would it still be good for an adult?

Pocket jdm says:

Video is amazing I clicked on all the links thank me later ❤️

Jordan Freeze says:


hhaaartbeats says:

What about the Haro Midway 2018? That’s what I’m looking at..

Unknown Youtuber says:

I know thos video is old but i just got that hoffman and i have no idea how to put it together. I used your link so please make a build video

Gavin Waters says:

Dude your channel is so good you should be way more popular

Brock Patterson says:

I just bought a kink gap xl 2019 and I’m 6 foot tall and this is my first bike is that good?

Sev Garcia says:

You have a greater than sign instead of a less than sign in your thumbnail

Brandon Kinlin says:

Bruh dead ass just looking for a good bike while laying here in bed and you wearing the same shirt I am. Didn’t think tunercult was that popular.

HM WB says:

you have any idea which one is the best? or any personal preference?
because i do know that $299 is pretty cheap for a bmx bike, so something about any of these might be dodgy .

Morrisonisfire mix says:

The symbol you put was for greater than. Not less than

Wuzo says:

any good ones Under 200$? Lol

Tatertot says:

But I heard the Mongoose Park I’m like oh hell no

Evelardo Gastelum says:

Make a video about tire clearance. No one has a video about tire clearance. Which frames, which forks, which tires.

SUNSHINE 88 says:


Savage Charles says:

What about the Sunday primer?

Colossus says:

crinol cranial dysplasia

Matthew Fronzak says:

Thanks this video was really helpful loved the vid

cloudgaming is here says:


Ashton Lindgren says:

I gof a swalmart bike bmx and i dont like it so i want a new bmx thats so good bit my dad said no

yayoy619 says:

Great video bro helped a lot, I subscribed and hope to see this Channel grow

Jakub Sindelar says:

Is Mongoose legion l40 good?

World Fackts says:

Hey a want to buy GT Slammer or Scott volt x-30. Can you please tell me which is better. Thanks!

jack the car guy says:

I just bought a pair of 2017 Eastern Elements with 80% cromoly, integrated headset, full sealed bearings – 270 apiece!

peer lemmens says:

Haha lol i thought you had like 600.000 subscribers but when i looked you had only 11 subscribers , you deserve more subscribers

DRW427 says:

Ur greater than symbol on the thumbnail is wrong but good vid

Faggot Spinner says:

helped a lot

ReDanz says:

Seriously ? That bike is about $300 above in my country

UnsociableShah says:

Any suggestions for kink curb 2018 or anything else in that budget?
Thank u

D3AD says:

Quality video, keep up the good work

hj hfj says:

That’s fucking awesome. I just started getting interested in bmx and I can see your channel is new. I like how your videos are straight to the point and very informative. Unlike some videos that are too off topic and goofy with too many extra clips.

Jak Guerrero says:

Are these bikes free coasters? Thanks

Dorfman says:

Dope video. What is your opinion on the mafiabike kush 2+.

Jaqueline Soler says:

Where can i buy one im from puerto rico

Anton Duncan2 says:

you deserve so many more subs

No homo

Agusorgen says:

Great vid man i subbed. Hope you grow quick cause you deserve it.

SBM Crew says:

Would you recommend kink curb 2018 people say there pretty good

Bob Tom says:

or u can buy used i bought a subrosa ryen sher frame animal street forks kink grizzly bars sunday freeze stem subrosa baja seat on a verde post profile cranks profile sprocket shadow rim laced to a shadoe simbol hub stln revolver rim laced to a demolition free coaster cult vans grips and it had animal hamilton seald pedals on it but i like my shins and im on twisteds now

Master Kush says:

The cranks I got with my mongoose l100 got destroyed by simple easy riding in a week which is unfortunate but the brakes,wheels,fork and frame along with the seat is well worth $260

FreddieUltraPro YT says:

Damn, you should have 1million+ subscribers, not 73!

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