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Neo Smith says:

Walmart bikes with a brand name attached to it. Save your dough and get 100% CRMO. You can get a 80-100% crmo complete for under 400 bucks like the Kink Gap Freecoaster 350 bucks.

Accio says:

i have a 45$ bike lol

Thrillseeker says:

Do a video for BMX bikes with a 21in toptube

Joshua Martinez says:

what’s best website to order complete bikes from ? anyone ??

nick the car guy says:

I bought an eastern element. is it a good bike? it hasn’t arrived yet though. I can’t wait

Merry Marauder says:

My first bmx bike is the first one

Kione.V says:

Who here wants the kink curb

Jackson Ostrowski says:

You look like tony Alva from lords of dogtown (the actor)

daniel spell says:

A $2.50 bike ?
You’d have to be a mouse to ride it

Brent Double B Hoffman says:

Mafia madmain

Reza A says:

Is the SE Everyday a good starter bike?


I got a condom ad

Hugh Janus says:

The haro leucadia DLX is better you get 4 pegs and front and back brakes and it’s only like $30 more

Ghoulish Gangsta says:

Why you rocking a monster hat? You aren’t sponsored are you?

Leon Sotirovski says:

The only complaint i have is uou didn’t include links in description

Aylan Pašagić says:

Which one is 2 one it’s soo beautiful

CoonLife69 says:

I have a framed witness raw orange

Lynn Mcguire says:

Kendal tyres ohh so that’s why I’ve had 5 flats this week

markohaaj says:

and for 400 you can get an eastern complete bike, they’re lightweight for the price about 25 pounds

John Decker says:

That was pretty cool wish you would have included mongoose, but maybe that’s too old school hahaha thanx for the vid bro.

Joaquin_RodriguezBMX says:

Dude i like ur vids but stop copying needle media

Monosodium Glutamate says:

Should’ve went with the Hoffman Aves, It’s chromo.

Egorista Super says:

Collective c1?

left behind says:

I just ordered element 2018 looks great for a complete and full crmo frame for $400 can’t complain.

SYMPOL says:

Kinda makes tires for cult and they are good, but the actual kinda tires are ass

Ohgoshjosh says:

If I’m living in the United States, is there a solid website I could use to check out different bikes? And maybe make a purchase…

[Blank ] says:

My very first bmx was a cheap Walmart bmx but I converted it into a pro made bmx

bartus says:

Your face getting smooth

Iva Länge says:

I love this. Helps kids get affordable entry level bikes that are decent quality bikes. Another great video

ECOS 364 says:

I’m 5 foot 8.5 inches. Could I get a 20 inch sunday blueprint?


I have a Redline Recon 2013 and I’m thinking redline is my favorite by far.

darrell lockard says:

How does everyone feel about Verde bike’s

Brooke Wood says:

Wb mafia madmain?

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