In todays upload i explain the best BMX bikes on the market in my opinion. This video is completely opinion based so if you guys have ANY other different opinions PLEASE leave them in the comments below and ill be so happy to read them!:) If you guys haven’t already feel free to subscribe for more videos like this and leave some feedback below for more! Thanks for watching homies

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Crowy The butcher says:

My mate used to own his own bike shop built me a wethepeople was the sickest bike I ended up giving it to my brother in law now his getting into riding himself

pro gamer noob says:

you can also use chain reaction cycles

Liam Michi says:

What about the cult gateway 2017?

Kelson Simon says:

I just got a $400 dollar Sunday scout bike tonight, should I be worried about the hubs?

Sun BMX15 says:

Sunday all the way

Google User says:

does danscomp do international shipping?

StaR Vast says:

Damn I wish this video was up 2 years ago now I’m stuck with a piece of shit

RaviRam Chudasama says:

what about this bike called fit begin 1 2017

Butchered Mouse says:

I’m gonna buy the 2016 WTP Crysis, is it worth it?

Preston Worden says:

Do u reccomend the 2017 kink launch

Charlie RAWW says:

Check out Charlie Raww on ReverbNation

Nathan Amaya says:

what about stolen casino?

Trillest IV says:

I’m 12 and I’m getting into Bmx and I wanna get pro what bikes do you recommend

BroMotion says:

Are mid-sealed bbs good?

supmybro bow says:

2017 stolen casino has sealed bb and sealed cassette hub, only negative is that the front rim hub is unsealed, but that’s not a big deal because front hubs sell for cheap

Cecil Rivera says:

what if i wanted to get the 2017 verde luxe vx2, is that good bike

Edward Kammermann says:

Is the kink liberty good to start on?

Jacob Park says:

Is mongoose any good

Jose Abalos says:

he on the percs lol

ER IC says:

I have a fit…. and it’s the best,
if your looking for a bmx(pro) don’t get haro, because haros are absolute crap (:

Zachary Not broccoli says:

You are a idiot lol you don’t know what real bikes are American bb it strong then others plus fit is shit made China get American made bike such as standard or s&m

HenriBossNugget says:

Is a haro boulevard good

Andrew Dennis says:

Hey bro I was looking for a starter bike got any suggestions


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