Properly teaching you my top 5 mechanical maintanence tips that your bmx bike needs to survive in streets/skateparks/dirt jumps.


Kieran Hawkins says:

how do you know what size bike to get?
I am 6ft 1if that helps

Rebecca Mandelos says:

I like videos that are educational also.Keep up the good work ! How tall is your girlfriend ? Thinking of buying a bmx , do not know what size top tube.I am 5.0′ feet (adult).

Berry ryan says:

Could your pants be any tighter

Eduardo Galdino Da Silva says:


GSRG says:

06:40 pedal – junk & bottom

Gustavomarquesfariasmarques Gugu says:

Sou do Brasil canal muito top

King Calvin says:

Ola im only 11 years old but you are my idol

Glesh Royale says:


Allemão Gamer says:

Alguém do Brazil ???? Deixa like

Stacey D says:

Thanks for this vid, good to see someone who rides that works on their own bike. Keep it upin 18 steve and stacey

Waffle Toby says:

No hate but mooofia I don’t care if I spelt it wrong

Lil pump says:

What is the intro song called??

Vades says:

thanks man! helped me out alot

LucasRza says:

bike check?

garrett 4130 says:

My total BMX is a beast., It will take as much punishment as i throw at it!. Made in the uk, made better in Devron! ..,. I try to run all total components on it, componants I can trust !. I’d choose a total BMX Over a mafia bike any day of the week! Build quality weight style! The total BMX range pisses over the tin can mafias. You’ve been .smoking to much to weed ola!. Just look at the riders that ride for total BMX! The abuse their bikes get put through is unreal! That was a cheap shot at I laughed when you said you .were. breaking total BMX bikes! If you showed proof of this claim I might attempt to listen but no show no go! Any one and everyone with a total BMX laughed at your comment! I’m sensing jealousy at some kind of level! Did you ask to get on the team and ignored?.did the goat harry main pay you to slip that comment in?. You’ve gone down a peg or two in my book of respect now!!. TOTALBMX.CO.UK FOR A QUALITY BUILT BMX!. OR ANY OTHER COMPONANTS YOU MIGHT REQUIRE!. WHEELS FORKS BEARINGS ECT ECT! Written by an independent rider that has witnessed more stock mafia bikes broken than any TOTAL BMX.CO.UK BIKES!? CHECK OUT THE TEAM OF RIDERS ON THE TOTAL BMX SQUAD!. CHECK HOW MUCH HIGHER HARDER AND TECKNICAL THESE RIDERS PUSH THEIR TOTAL BMX PRODUCTS!. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MINDS.!. Don’t BE A GOAT HEARDER !

jonny King says:

what pegs and stem do y
ou ride

Riley Denis says:

why not just ride 4 pegs instead of just 3

MarcusDude says:

Bet your mafia bike is a custom chromoly one. not the consumer one’s

Getitdoitliveit says:

ur great ola!

Dakota Baker says:

what kind of grease do you use

American BMX Rider says:

No real hate though

laslo rethro says:

love your vids

Luke mclaren says:

ola dont even say mafia bikes dont brake , you dont even run mafia wheels and ive seen people blow mafia wheels in a single 180 lol

Riley's Dad Mike says:

DO A FLIPWHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freddie Gomez says:

Can you do a flipwhip?

Clash Of Clans Player says:

Can you make how of something

Arthur Syval says:

Just because I’m confused, your wheel hubs have female mounts right?

FDP says:

Wich grease i have to use please ? (Link Amazon?)

Lil pump says:

como se llama la cancion de intro ?? song intro

Timmy Hendon says:

Easterner bmx bikes are better


Mountain bikes is mafia bikes now

Austin Ayers says:

YOOO REPPIN REED STARK!!! That’s sick! The giraffic pedals are awesome

Hax1 Plays says:

where in norway can i get frames for cheap

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