Harry unboxes a Madmain prototype complete and the proceeds to put it to the test!

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Rudy Harding-Hart says:

oil slick, white tyres, gold bars. 🙂

The know nothing says:

A white frame with red tires and handels

Chloe o'dell says:


fatpanda1100 says:

I honestly wish I could afford one of these it would be sick to have one guess I know what my first bmx bike is gonna be 😀

Andy Worthington says:

Got one love it! Thinkin bout buying a hit main frame

Bloo says:

Rainbow chrome and blood red brakes

Jason Thomas says:

Black and gold

mason smith says:

midnight blue our wine red

Callum Varela says:

Matte black with teal blue tyres and grips

Tom Shaw says:

I’d say make it matte black and lighter

callum.w says:

What psi do you usally put in a bmx for park

Nebula Gaming says:

Frame and bars neochrome the rest black

Christian Bolden says:

Tires- neon orange
Frame- red
Grips- white
Handlebars- black
Seat- neon green

No Name says:


Keav_Ultra says:

is entry level like beginner?

A Bathing Ape says:

Can somebody please tell me how to comment Idk how:(

JF_10 SWAG says:

All white

Pinkmxn says:

ordered my all black one

Wolf boy gaming says:

Make a mixes of metallic blue red green and purple in like jet fuel design

StormGaming X says:

Blue wall tires and everything that is green on his would be blue

sam dabreo says:

Chrome and green grips wheels ect

RCLegends UK says:

Blue fading to green

SaltyPanda says:

Do a like mat black with a splatter white

Skye Taylor says:

I have the same one

xxtrixzxx says:

red and black splatter

LivingAsZack says:

I wish I could help design a colour for a bmx bike because I’m considering buying one off you guys

Taylor Page says:

mafiabike if u wanna send me a bike so I can get back in to bmx riding miss riding so much after watching harry mains channel

BlackLamboghini ! says:


Eelco Numan says:

full purple bike

AlienGraYT says:

You Should Make A bmx like your but with the rasta style colors

Oscar Waites says:

You should do safari edition and do zebra and giraffe designs DM me on insta ozzywaites if you want to give me one for free

kiss me on my cooch says:

Ohh mafia you are so wank

Gavin Roberts says:

Mine is just like that but with a purple frame.

Mine king says:

green fuel and blue

Bm3 Gaming says:

Hot pink wheels and a chrome frame

linus terletli says:

brown with red tires!

Jayson Bala says:

Chrome frame + Dark purple tyres + purple hand grips + purple chain + chrome handlebar

Joe McKenzie says:

frame and the body black and have the wheels and handle bard purple

Isaac Aldaz says:

All Chrome and gum tires

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