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Kyle Southern says:

All Chrome with White Grips and Wheels.

S11XBE 6B says:

A Galaxy Colourway with iridescent chrome lip on the wheels

Jean Kirstein says:

bike’s link pls

A200 as1 says:

chrome frame chrome bars black forks black cranks black peddles chrome rims and purple tyres and purple grips black hubs

Joey Chong says:

Chrome everything apart from pink grips and tyres

zldub says:

Do more vlogs:)

Shadie says:

He is the Scottish Scotty cranmer

Antony Martins says:

I have just bought the one of the mafia bike can’t wait till it arrives

1 life mtb it says:

sun dance yellow frame with chrome bars and forks and cranks put gyro on it

Chris Bailey says:

black and gold or white and gold

jake kelly says:

white and gold

Matt Towse says:

Pink and yellow like mr blobby!

Simon Platzer says:

Lets get some crazy tricks on it for example a 720!

henry skag says:

Matte silver and purple

Brian Lliguicota says:

Make the wheels Color red

iNxble GAMING says:

Oil will look sic

Dope Bleach says:

Green frame chrome bars and white rims and black tires

Florian Burk says:

ist this a good bike to start riding bmx?

Jamie Gornell vlogs says:

All chrome

The ElenaRa says:

What frame size

Clayton Batterman says:

Lime green and teal

BAM-TV says:

plzzzz unboxing a mafia blackjack

Dominic Cox says:

i’m actually saving my money for one of those bikes so that I can start bmx.

Kyle Southern says:

Why not the same bike but all the green bits as bright white?

henry skag says:

All Candy apple red with metalflake

Solo Playz says:

what the name

Torsten Strom says:


David Nada says:

shut the fuck up

Josh Roman says:

I bought that bike with my birthday money and I’m getting it tomorrow so I’m so happy

Beau Moore says:

Wat is considered ur best bike ??? That is on mafia bikes

exsplorer 34567 says:

black frame gold grips,chain and wheels

Matt Towse says:

Pink and yellow like mr blobby!

Taylor Rushforth says:

Where did he get the bike?

Jayvee Masamayor says:

donate BMX for my birthday (may 8) from Philippines

mark-anthony kroezen says:


mahmoud yakoup says:

what is the bike name ? where to buy ?

Manneer Sembhi says:

Pick and black and white

ryan frew says:

Black and yello

emilio42474 says:

puple and green’

BLAZER 679 says:

I will give you 1.00 for it

Torsten Strom says:

Make a black frame with blue tires and apple red handle bars and blue grips

Ninjaboi3012 says:

noe chrome

Crow Rider says:

ive always wanted to buy a madmain but its not available in asia

Adam Gush says:

White and black

Bryson Graves says:

Hey harry nice vid

SligitySlone says:

purple and yellow is a sick combo

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