WeThePeople Reason 2016 Complete | Bmx Review | Jason Scott

WeThePeople Reason 2016 Complete | BMX Review | Jason Scott

So this is my brand new 2016 WeThePeople Reason Bmx, Really hope you enjoy watching the video a lot of work went into planing & making it, Tbh we put a lot of effort into making this and filming it, we defiantly did over 50 takes of me just talking about the bike alone 😃. Sorry if I don’t sound enthusiastic at all in the whole video. We filmed me talking in the video all in one clip so it was hard to keep a flow going😂 other than that though I couldn’t be happier with the way this video turned out honestly we did more filming for this than we ever did for a normal edit😃. Also speaking about edits…hopefully in the next couple of weeks you should expect 4 new videos coming to this channel 😱

Honestly though I mightn’t sound it but I’m so happy with this bike I haven’t had a new bmx in 4 years so it was about time I got one.

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abel N says:

hell yea i just picked up a volta the other week i love wtp !

Respect BMX? says:

Hey Go check out my bmx channel. Good job on this video Cheers!!

Prospect says:

1000th view

EmbryonicMean 68 says:

Mate if you had a small mic near you this vid would be

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