Whats Inside a 30 Year Old BMX Bike!

Today we chopped up a 30 year old bike to see whats inside!
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Skatepark(s): Eastwoods Skate Plaza

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Dakota Ambriz says:

Hi amosc @dakotaambriz07

Cody Miller says:

Love your vids

Collin Springer says:

Hey love you vids pls keep them going and don’t stop

kaoticwizdom says:

Do a video of you replacing bearings on your bike

Lilicyking 12 says:

Try to restore ur huffy and can u shout me out

INSTA aj_scollo says:

Bunch of debris

Christopher Western says:

Anyone know how to get a plastic rim to stop better?

johan vitela says:

What are u going to do for a 100k

JK BMX says:

Hmm whats inside a 30 year old bike … Fucking rust and metal just maybe

Kris Vall says:


Bunu Last says:

U nd I ave d same bike

Angela Robbins says:

My name is trenten May u plzz give me a shout out bc imma only 10 and it wold make my day plzz

Duward Angle says:

When you said Haro racelite Bike. Idk if you were watching my videos or not but that’s the exact bike I have. And also I want to say wassup daddy it’s me again

Pablo Abad says:

Both frames are steel

game master says:


Gaige Van Ausdal says:

“Do you smoke weed?”, “Yes, you do”

Chip Shop Stevie says:

So drinking and driving is dummest thing ever but driving your bmx through lakes rivers Is fine lol . I drived my bmx trough a lake and my bikes fine and that was 2 years ago and I presior wash my bmx very week.

Hellhound9win ds says:

Can you do a vid of you do some street bmxing or ride crapy bikes

Alan R says:

Love ur ideas with b.m.x could be the crack in frame why more dirtier then the older frame.Back in the day with the seem like it usually met it was steel not crome Molly.

Nicolas Allen vlogs says:

I was in the middle of Fortnite and had to die to come watch this like if you like Fortnite

Supernoob Smith says:

The Huffy is not aluminum. In the 80’s aluminum bikes were EXTREMELY specialized and super expensive. Aluminum doesn’t rust, it corrodes and generally has an expiration date before it fatigues and cracks. BMX freestyle bikes could not take the punishment if aluminum. The Huffy is mild-steel, and the Kink is either hi-ten or chromoly depending on model.

matthew morello says:

What ever happened to that tony pham kid that used to be in your vids

Charlie & Andrew Vlogs says:

No!!!!!!!! You could sell that thing

Cody Poole says:

Your a idiot

Ahmed K tube says:

Put new wells on the old bmx

Chris Webster says:

Can I have your bike after it brakes plzz

Turkeyhead03 says:

How much backsweep on ur bars?

Jesus S says:

What bike brand do you recommend

Jack Ryan Ramos says:

I have a mini racer bike that’s 40years old

Strangely My Comments Usually Get Quite Popular says:

No no no the truth is that all bmx bikes are just as old but over the years the manufacturers have planted them in a special substance and watered them lots and that made all of the tubes grow thicker

Moses Fleming says:

Collab with Scotty gramer

INSTA aj_scollo says:

What areYour favorite street spots in Syracuse

Dante’s Subject says:

Your videos are fine for YouTube’s standards. Why the fuck are they demonetized

Dj FMA says:

Ryan!! The old school bike peace that you cut you can try to used it as it bmx peg if you try to work it out also with the kink tube that you cut use it as pegs good video idea !

Larry Banks says:

Where is this skatepark at

Thewalker 2002 says:

Thats pretty cool

Ielia Mrdfar says:

Needle media where do you live ,not your address your country

Fire Centi says:

Hes awsome

Adam 04 says:


Matt Mancuso says:

Ride the kink frame with the peace off

Hot choco bang bang says:

Fill your tires up with dish soap

Kooper Linfield says:

How much was Samantha?

BDL PEEP'S says:

Solid gold

SuperGamerPacMan says:

Fill your bmx tire with yogurt

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