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We review the 2010 H-D Sportster 883L, Shadow Phantom, Vulcan 900 Custom and V-Star 950 in this entry-level cruiser motorcycle comparison review. Read the full comparison: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/10/6061/Motorcycle-Article/2010-Middleweight-Cruiser-Shootout.aspx

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Kevin Baxter says:

it is after all a Harley who gives a fck if it sucks it sucks the sounds is a bisasht to me

mark perez says:

I’m 17 and looking to get a new bike. Would a iron 883 be a good starter bike ?

A C. says:

Great review. I finally get to c all the cruisers in comparison. Which one is ur fav? Can u do a new review for 2016?

Noni Noni says:

are they entry level motorcycle as well ?

obieezx11 says:

Kawasaki VN900 for the win

Mitch Shark says:

I started out with a 1740cc cruiser and I could not imagine having anything smaller. The bike gave me room to grow…and I grew in a couple days. I feel that if I had a smaller bike I would have regretted it within a very short time.

Jay Flynn says:

Of all the vids on youtube i can’t find any on motorcycles ground clearance 🙁 You should do it! A best to worst ground clearance video per bike group would be nice 🙂 Im a fan of chunky cruisers but know nothing about this issue. See so many vids where riders on cruiser barely lean at all and ground clearance seems could be a huge if not number 1 issue on which bike to get.

Andrew Kiss says:

Pocketbook? What is a pocket book?

Kathryn Brown says:

where is the Yamaha bolt? ?

Tristan Gump says:

Are you going to make another one of these anytime soon? Great video by the way!

dennisndodie says:

My entry level bike was a briggs stratton 5 hp.Then a Honda 50 then a Honda trail 70 back in the early seventies.

hillclimber440 says:

get a haircut and open your eyes.

A daft punk says:

You say the Star had the best top end, but it has lower hp. Hmm… And an “unsightly radiator”? Actually, the 900 has one of the least ugly radiators on any water cooled bike.

cn 250 says:

2017 aircooled yamaha? unreal

adam clark says:

Is a pocket book the name for a cheque book across the pond?

DiabeticManatee says:

He looks like snoop dogg

Reality Check 123 says:

Lol funny when a 690cc single can punch out more HP that 900cc twin…
Why I love ktm:)

Hunky Hungarian says:

I’m 6’3″ and my very first bike was a Vulcan 900 LT. It was absolutely perfect for me. Easy to handle and learn on with plenty of power and comfort for touring.

MotorPsycho says:

I have a heritage now but gotta love sportsters

zac says:

The problem with most metrics is longevity. Look at a 20 year old Harley Sportster, usually looks the day it was new. Look at a metric cruiser from 20 years ago, all the plasti-chrome has peeled, the thin paint fades and the mirrors/bars gets lots of pitting from rust.

I tried sanding the paint off a Harley fuel tank and it took 5 minutes with a power sander to make it through the clear coat, theres a reason they cost more.

Prakticle J says:

my first bike was a Honda Shadow vlx 600 I was already used to the power after one week of riding after that I got an 03 Sportster 883 I put on a little bit taller handlebars and love that bike.

44357514 says:

I too agree that the Suzuki C50 and M50 should have been included in this comparison.  I think that C50 model is extremely popular and would be the winner.

XVS650 says:

When I started riding 25 years ago, a 250cc was entry-level. These days I have a V-star 650, and it’s plenty enough bike for most riders. How are 900cc bikes entry-level, even if a cruiser??

Madcatdave says:

I haven’t ridden the other bike’s but I own a vulcan 900 classic. I have been on many trips with my vulcan. It handles fantastic and the seat doesn’t hurt your butt after a day of riding. It is a very comfortable bike and feels almost weight less to me. If you are thinking of picking up a vulcan I would definitely recommend it. This bike will serve you well for a long time.

Brother Jared says:

Sad thing is its slim pickins for us tall guys. it looks like the v star would be the winner for me.

Ein Soldiat Gott says:

I’ve a question. Why in almost all comparison of the HD 883, the C50 or M50 from suzuki aren’t included? They’re almost the same price and cc. Are they too different?


Anthony Cook says:

POCKETBOOK? The fuck is wrong with you?

Robert Samson says:

I cant live up to the ‘Harley’ name. I dont see myself as HAVING to wear a Harley shirt or vest everytime i ride. OR, using hand signals when i have turn signals. The entire Harley thing is so overrated. Harleys are for all the overweight fat fucks that cant ride other bikes. I get the tradition. Look at ANY Harley rider….Most are over weight fat asses that dont fit on anything else. All the while…maintaining their ‘Im a big hardass persona’, what a joke!!!!! I’d give the Yamaha the nod on this comparison. LMAO!!!!!!!**

Michael Tyson says:

these are expensive as fuck in my country, I was looking for like bajaj avenger 220 or something

44357514 says:

When they are talking about beginner bikes – I would have assumed they would be talking about small bikes like the Honda 250 Rebel or the Yamaha 400?

JustStop Don't says:

I love my Honda Shadow phantom. It’s my first bike and I’ve only owned it for 3 weeks now. I’ve put a little over 300 miles on it so far. My only complaint would be I wish it was a 900cc bike for a little more power. I’m 6ft, 170lbs to give an idea.

Brec Neumeier says:

My first street bike was a 750 magna 94 model. Has 90 hp. Still have it and love the bike.

MotorheadRedo says:

If the Vulcan 900 is entry level, than what is the Vulcan S or V-star 250? These bikes are not entry level motorcycles. They are mid size cruisers. It wasn’t very long ago that 900cc was considered a big motorcycle, but now its called entry level. I think these categories have more to do with marketing than reality. Just like more adventures can be had on a dual sport than the so called adventure motorcycles. I’ve seen Kawasaki switch from calling the KLR 650 a dual sport motorcycle to an adventure motorcycle depending on the context and audience. Its all about marketing.

john harris says:

Abysmal horsepower figures, but that’s vtwins I guess.

NoName says:

The Harley sounded like the shittiest one, yet all the other bikes are boring because they are not like the Harley. Harley has really become the Apple Computers of the motorcycle world.

Supernova12034 says:

no suzuki? 🙁

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