2016 Ducati XDiavel bike review

The Ducati XDiavel is the Italian company’s attempt at a cruiser. But, as our Jon Quirk discovers, it isn’t anything like a cruiser.

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J_to_the PPP says:

Jon, you seen the MCN SV650 review just uploaded? wow they just tried to steal your review style…it was better than their usual review but no were near as good as your bike reviews. Keep it up!

al hafiz says:

Please mute bgm when they ride the bike because we want to know the engine sound

Rick摩托车视频 - Rick's Motorbike Channel says:

Great review! Had a chance to try the bike myself, the acceleration is definitely a lot faster than any traditional American cruiser. But the bike handles somehow strange, at very low speed the turning radius is huge, because of the long wheelbase(over 1.6m) and 30 degree rake. At speed, it turns very light and quickly, but in the turn, it feels strange because the 240mm rear tire, the contact patch is far away from the bike’s center line. The launch control is more a launch assist, you release the clutch progressively, without practice, launch control can be slower than “manual” start. With that much power underneath you, it’s scary to release the clutch at full throttle and over 9k rpm. The foot pegs are high off the ground, to give that 40 degree lean angle, but for me it’s too high, and too far forward. It could be a better bike, or better cruiser, if, the wheel base is shorter, the rake is smaller, the rear tire is 200mm, and the rider triangle is more neutral, less cruiser-ish. Looks awesome though. Everyone I meet says, that’s a sexy bike!

Karan GILL says:

please take a ride on 48 harley 2017

Marcin Gmach says:

Great bike , great video but please Jon could you review MV Agusta Turismo Veloce? Thanks

Ruben Sahakian says:

too many used for sale now on crieg list.If the bike is so great then why?and many very low miles which means owners didn’t like riding it for long.Known issues belt guard attracting rocks and damaging the belt prematurely and rear break losing power.
I rather buy new Kawasaki Z900RS true bike that gets ridden hard.

nestwoo says:


Auttie B says:

I’ve had a Vrod Harley which I’d prefer and I’d prefer a Yamaha Vmax even more, sorry, don’t like the Ducati

josh786manchester says:

This is not a cruiser more like a street bike

ridersmotorcycles says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIwaGLAwyt0 here is a short video showing the Ducati Conversion kit to have mid mounted footpegs. Hope it helps

1990 says:

The feet forward stance ruins this bike.

John Manuel Velasco says:

Vasily Zaitsev doing bike reviews now, huh?

Kai Be says:

My future bike.

matty d says:

Save yourself the weight , the money , the douchebaggery and the absolute nightmare of owning a shitbox Ducati. Buy yourself a way more powerful , faster , better looking and reliable V-Max!

Ariel Ortiz says:

im 5’6″ will I be able to ride this bike?

Wade Guidry says:

A Ducati V-Rod? No thanks.

AussieBlokeGordo says:

Looks like the bikes from TRON

Coasts Casual says:

I never knew that Auto Trader did bike reviews… Awesome review!

Shafi Khan says:

how mas price in bangladesh

Lex says:

<3 <3 <3

George Papadopoulos says:

Batmans motorbike??!

Zahid Ansari says:

Diavel is better than Xdiavel!

Mr J says:

Great review as usual. So glad Ducati can make this sort of thing; it’s not such a bad world!!

DR N says:

BS, They don’t handle that great in corners, Poser bike

bharath aruru says:

super bike

Dan Lewis says:

A ‘sport cruiser’ then.

mobit76 says:

2:24 254 mile range from a 4 gallon (18 litre) tank @ 40mpg ??? That can’t be right, more like 150 miles


the pillion seat is fine & safe with the backrest, compare any pillion seat even Harley Davidsons are no bigger or more comfortable. I found it fine on bad or b  roads & I am 65year old so a young man like yourself needs to man up or have 3 Weetabix before riding it, or have a go on a sports bike & u will then see what a hard ride ready is lol

steffydog1 says:

That’s one fugly bike, sorry

who is like God !? says:

It’s ok… but I will take my 85 Honda shadow. did I tell you it has a shaft drive?

Tito Matias says:

Awesome bike! I just wish the passengers seat wasn’t just a little sliver that was meant for a 10-year-old child

Stephen A Hill says:

Man! NO lady i’d be with could fit her beautiful booty on that tiny rear seat. Ducati you gotta work with me!

cbrblade says:

How come every one who does bike reviews doesn’t say about how much service costs are?, how easy it is to get parts, and that the belts need changing at 15.000 mile intervals.
most Italian bikes are hard to parts for from Italy,
it would be in the region of £500-600 for a 15.000 mile service.
I wish bike review people would stop kissing arse when they test them.


that license plate is Gawd Awful lookin

Mark Jacob says:

back seat needs to be bigger and safe for a 2nd rider

Joseph Howard says:

I really liked this bike but the more I study it the less I like it.  Its not comfortable to drive for over an hour.  I want to take 6 hour rides up to 10 days.  The back seat is useless and dangerous unless you put a back rest on it to stop your lady from falling on the back wheel and being thrown under the seat.  Ducatti, like BMW, is renowned for expensive maintenance and parts.  The dealer/service network is limited compared to Japanese makes.  The belt drive is vulnerable to rocks and damage in the way the bike is designed.  One day when I am rich I would like to have a Ducatti so I can join all the cool kids on their 20 minute rides to Starbucks.

TheChosen_1 says:

Great review I love watching reviews on my bike lol. I just made a long term review of this motorcycle on my channel what a fantastic machine despite a few minor annoyances.

Saxon Engles says:

Beautiful machine.mine arrives next week 🙂

the b biddim says:

fucking beautiful bike.

Calum Marshall says:

Great review. I’m so tempted by the bike.

Boban Joseph says:

ടൂവീലറിലെ പെർഫോർമൻസ് ചക്രവർത്തി.

forest beach says:

Hi everybody can you please give me some suggestions on how to verify with videotape and a go pro hero 4 silver my 1299S when it intermittently and randomly and unexpectedly stalls out? Every time i take it to the dealer they said they can’t duplicate the problem and Ducati of North America video taped my bike with no problems. But my 1299s still stalls out on me in congested stop in go traffic all the time and when I feather the clutch and drive between 0 to 15 mph on the street or freeway or on the street.However I’m an amateur and I just purchased a hero 4 go pro silver camera do you have suggestions on how to mount it to the 1299S gas tank ? I’m concerned with losing the camera what type a suction mount the go pro hero 4 camera? What I should use and what can I use in case the suction loses its grip to keep the camera from damaging the motorcycle and the camera in case it falls thanks advance for everything. The dealer said prove the 1299s is stalling out with video verification because they claim everything is checking out A ok on the computer test sheet with Ducati engineers and Ducati video tape that they won’t show me What would you do? Thanks in advance for everything.

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