$79 Huffy Cranbrook Men’s Cruiser Bicycle from Walmart

The Huffy Cranbrook is a men’s cruiser bike available for $79 at Walmart. It is a single speed comfort bike with 26″ tires, a steel frame, and a classic bicycle look. It looks like an old retro bike your grandfather would have ridden.

The bike is classy and well designed. It is no-frills, but that’s part of the beauty. The paint is a glossy cranberry color and the accents are flat black. The bike is all metal – including the fenders. The single-speed drivetrain features coaster brakes for easy stopping.

Functionally it is exactly what you would expect for a beach cruiser. At $79 it is very affordable and looks and rides like it costs much more. The only downsides are the cosmetic quality of the welds. They don’t look good at all. They seem to be structurally sound, but look like they were hurried. I can only assume that they will likely be the source of future rust as it’s unlikely, based on their appearance, that much attention was paid to ensuring they were properly prepped for paint.

Overall this appears to be a decent bike for the money and I look forward to using this as a project bicycle which includes an 80cc 2-cycle engine kit.

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GFDN gaming says:

My cousin had the first bike u bought, and put a motor on it to

michael S says:

I weight 300 lbs and I got this bike last yr it’s j held up and helped my health greatly

raymundo zamora says:

It’s a hugly bike

Jake Garrett says:

Just so you know, those are 66cc. There has never been an 80cc (like they market it as, its also under 1 HP) unless you bored it out yourself, which would probably be less than paper thin, and since its made out of extremely cheap pot metal, it would explode like a frag grenade. Don’t forget to use 16:1 gas:synthetic for the first 300-500 miles, and afterwards use 20:1. If you don’t mix gas, the performance goes up a rediculous amount (20-22 mph went up to no joke 34 mph), but I doubt it would last more than a few miles. They are underwhelming in every way. My 25cc grass trimmer engine ($60 for a new trimmer on sale) takes off faster, and cruises just fine at 28 mph (designed for 30mph legal limitations at the time), while making over 2x the fuel economy.

For reference: My 234cc 4 street legal dirt bike makes 100 mpg (115 mpg with my dad driving and me riding, 80+ with me doing burnouts, drifting every corner, and driving with the motto of full gas or full brakes, like there is nothing in between). This engine kit got me about 80-90 mpg (20 mph speed…), and my best bike got me almost 250 mpg with a random Frankenstein of parts, compression ratio increase, NGK motorcycle spark plugs, and random carburetor. But 200 is about what I can do with a stock trimmer engine (cruise speed at 11,000 rpm, so not the best for fuel economy, but I like drifting them). Its not a typical setup, and I use flat belt drive systems (friction drive are the worst, probably 20-30+% drag, and chain drives are still nowhere near flat belts in efficiency).

Vlad Borbiro says:

Glad I subscribed 🙂

BunsNation says:

ebay gas motor kit?

Trent Creech says:

I love these kind of videos it’s really helping me find a good bike❤️

Andrew Sjoblom says:

I love that Nike looks great but would be a little worried about those welds when you crash with the motor and high speeds.

GoogleMinus says:

Dude, don’t put a motor on this. I can’t see this going well, with so many cheap components going anything over 10 is sketchy.

IRanee says:


Amanda Peine says:

An engine to go FAST but no front brake to stop fast?

Noob MTB says:

That’s gonna be awesome! Can’t wait. You’re channels great mate, keep it up 🙂

Jeffrey A Mills says:

Are you trying sound smart. Do good job!!!!!!!

Tom Jones says:

Some of these Walmart bikes do hold up. Not everyone can afford long money for bikes. Especially when the young kids ride them.


I always look forward to the next video

Chris Protzman says:

Huffy…heavy until frame fails you

Daan de Vries says:

Can’t wait to see that thing go FAST!

Luke Fischer says:

R u making an e bike?

Jon Neet says:

Kev, how is this project going?

richard best says:

I love those engine kits I have made 3 bikes use this engine. Great fun building them just a shame they can’t be road legal over here but the fun is in the building for me

Caution.risk.of. awesome says:

I built one of these and the coaster brake won’t work with the kit, you will have to add brakes

Tommy Kiniry says:

I can not wait for your engine swap

nicholas danca says:

Had one but i had way too many bikes so i put a free sign on it and sent it on its way

Matthew Wright says:

I’ve had this bike for 6 months ride 3 miles everyday and haven’t had one problem since I bought it, not even a flat tire!

Trent Creech says:

You should do a review on a Kent kz 2600 mountain bike it’s full suspension on Amazon it’s 184$ but it’s on sale for 164$ I’m gonna get it if I can find out if it’s any good

JaredFromKFC says:

Lmao I live in Cranbrook

JMClick. says:

I like road bikes better.

Jon Neet says:

I think the people that build two stroke gas engine powered bikes, use the Cranbrook quite often. You might look into getting a front wheel hand brake kit for this bike. Here is a Columbia bike that comes with coaster rear and a hand brake on the front:

Seems like a good idea to me, should you find that the coaster brake is overworked once you add the gas engine. Looking forward to your project, and hope you cover the problems and how you got around them.

Aric Roy says:

I’d go with a Walmart mountain bike or something with suspension :/

Retro Goat says:


Sarah Gilbert says:

Bring’n the kid out in me too! Love the idea

Jon Neet says:

I finally bought myself a new Cranbrook like yours from Walmart.Here, in Hilo Hawaii, they go for about $92.00 plus tax. There was three way up in the bike racks, and I had an employee get one of them down. It looked good. The wheels seemed to run true. I like that if has very little chrome. Even the handle bar is painted black. Rust is a constant problem here. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully take it out on a ride. Just going up and down my driveway, the coaster braked doesn’t seem too good. Hopefully it won’t be like the Nel Lusso you bought and returned, or I may have to return this one also.I had already thought about buying and installing a front wheel v brake kit to assist the coaster brake, and as a safety item should the coaster brakes fail totally.
I say the Huffy nailed the looks on the Cranbrook. The paint job looks really nice. The welds aren’t too ugly. The black fenders and frame paint are unscratched. I wonder if I emailed Huffy, if they might send me another rear wheel if the coaster brakes turn out weak. I know Walmart will take it back for 30 days too.
I had wanted a bike that came with a rear rack, but I think I can add one later if I keep the bike.

J. Kelley Jernigan says:

Looking forward to your bike mods.

MasterBata says:

My daughter’s bike had that kind of “soft” paintjob that would scratch easily. So I bought a can of clear coat and sprayed it on… and problem solved!

NovusHampshire says:

Hate to spam you, but I found a $600 Walmart bike on sale for $250, do you want the link? Don’t want to post it without an OK or someone interested.

icicleflow says:

He went to Cranbrook, that’s a private school!

Charles Holland says:


Reinaldo Gonzalez says:

You get what you pay for.. The chain will always come off,.. The tires that comes with are made out of butter,.. The welding inside the rims is very bad causing flats unless you sand it.. But my issue was the chain coming off

Aayush Parmar says:

Wowww 80CC motor. Can’t wait!

Ed Percy says:

The thing I like is you only buy a few bikes because you swap the crap ones with other ones and do reviews and the circle continues that’s cheap bikes for you

kdxkyle says:

Take the fenders off when you put the motor on it. They vibrate loose easy. My uncle broke his collar bone going over the bars on one of those motorized bikes that har fenders. Although my real advice would be to just forget the idea all together. I know from experience, it’s not going to be fun or comfortable to ride. Especially mounted on a walmart bike.

Copper-Brass says:

I built a motorized bike on a 26in Kent Bayside. I posted a video on my channel if you want to watch it.

Lil Dick says:



I love all your bike videos keep up the good work

Andy Licht says:

I’m pretty excited to watch your conversion to motor bike!

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