Appropriate beach cruiser bicycle sizing for men

Dusty, Ryan and Roman from explain the sizing of beach cruiser bikes. Roman stands 6’4″ and Ryan 5’7″, we see how they fit on two different sized beach cruisers. They explain how certain cruiser bicycle frames are better for taller men.


Henderson Thompson says:

Whats the all black one call?

OneBadWagon says:

yeah, the first bike fits tall guys, but only if they never want to turn.

BassStudent4life says:

man it must be hard going uphill with those forward pedals and what about standing and pedaling, how does that work?

Beachbikes says:

A 26″ cruiser would be perfect for you.

therealAnimalex says:

hey thats where i bought my bike like a week ago

MLGTroy1 says:

hey im 5’8 around 210 looking for a bike i can ride and not feel like im about to break the forks everytime i drop from a curb. i live in the city, i had a haro backtrail x2 nyquist model for about 6 years when i was in school. not looking for a MTB really. im looking for the durabilty of a dirt jumping bmx with the comfort of a cruiser. money isnt a issue up to $800

Thunderfat says:

He almost falls @ 1:21 lolol

Ron Garrison says:

The second bike is an “in the barrel” made by Threesixzero

Kasy Delrio says:

hey im 5’11 425lbs and i had a Schwinn S-25 Men’s Alum. Mountain bike

yEllaMamba says:

is possible to put a rise handle bar onto my cruiser?

dkbassbwoy91 says:

Um getting the in thebarrel

ineedbeermoney says:

dude that black bike is efffin sweet where can i get one of those??

Art Coll says:

are these frames made of steel or aluminum?

Dan Simpson says:

Im thinking about buying one, 29″ onex Im 5”6 Can I lower the seat to fit ? I intend on putting a 4 stroke motor on it .. Whats your thoughts man ?

Bruce Willis says:

What is the second bike called? And is it available with 24 inch wheels?

Bhead92 says:

That’s Deebo’s bike !

Beachbikes says:

The single speed In The Barrels will be back in stock in a few weeks. You can e-mail the sales department to be added to a curtsey contact list. The 3 speed matte black, single speed cool grey and Retro edition single speed are also available.

Beachbikes says:

They’re sold only at Beachbikes. (Beachbikes(dot)net)

thedanperezvids says:

It’s like they’re complicating common sense.

ThreeWheelJourney says:

good stuff !

Yan Oo says:

What is the name and model of that black bike ??? anyone pls ?

Classic-Car-Perspective says:

are these bikes lightweight?

Beachbikes says:

Sixthreezero In The Barrel.

Joshyonce says:

If I’m 5’4 what size bike should I get?

Eduardo Rosales says:


Wolfgang Kovac says:

That black one is like the geometry of the electra cruiser 1. I like that, and if I learn to ride that’s what i’d like.

D' Guy says:

I have the black powder coated one. I love my cruiser and it gets looks! I even put chrome fenders on it for bling.

TechArcturian says:

I don’t like the 2nd one. I prefer the colourful ones.

chuck wick says:

I personaly like my feet to be flat on the ground.

Nachito73 says:

Thanks for posting this video, i am 6.3 and wanted more info for taller riders. This video helped me out. Another thing you may want to address is weight capacity. I weigh 260 pounds. Will the “In The Barrel” hold up for a bigger guy like myself?

Jack Carroll says:

Too vague gents. Give us the reason its a 17″ frame. Gooseneck to seat post distance etc.

Joshua Serrano says:

The all black is called the chief from firmstrong its the extended 17″ frame generally for taller people. I have one and I’m 6’3″

Manuel Mendoza says:

I want that “in the barrel” bike SOOOOO bad and its sold out! 🙁

Jamar Quvious says:

that guy is a viking

InMemoWeTrust says:

how is the black bike called? i like how the frame looks like…

Beachbikes says:

It is the sixthreezero In the Barrel

countblah says:

I didn’t really like this video, because it didn’t really explain how to buy the right size for one’s height. It basically said either bikes would work for both guys. They are very different in height. I thought the silver bike looked tiny when the taller guy was on it, and on the black bike his legs weren’t extended at all. Is this correct? I would’ve thought the taller guy would want a much taller bike?

stefan l says:

i have the same black bike 😀

Beachbikes says:

SixthreeZero In the Barrel. Comes in 26″ only single and 3 speed.

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