Cult Devetion 26 BMX Cruiser. Unboxing, Bike Build & Review

In this video, I unbox, partly build and review one fantastic bike. That’s the Cult’s Devotion 26 BMX Cruiser. Besides that, I share with you my little story with bikes and how I bought this one. Finally, I go through all of the bike’s specs and explain why I chose it over all others.

Table Of Contents:
#1.Introduction & Disclaimer – (00:22)
#2. My History With Bikes – (01:33)
#3. What I’ve Learned About Bikes & BMX – (03:12)
#4. What Happened & Why I Bought The Bike – (05:47)
#5. Accessories – (10:33)
#6. Bike Specs – (11:36)
#7. Final Words & Review – (12:34)
#8. Closer Views – (14:56)

Links For The Bike:

All The Equipment I use:

➨Main Camera:
➨Other Camera:
➨External Hard Drive:
➨Other HDD:
➨Other Lens:
➨SD Cards:
➨Shotgun Microphone:
➨DeadCat For The Shotgun Microphone:
➨Condensor Microphone:
➨Slider Module:

➨Music Production Controller:
➨Audio Interface/Sound Card:
➨Studio Monitors:
➨Studio Headphone:

➨Turntablism/Scratch Equipment
➨Digital Vinyls:
➨Scratch Mixer:

Full Blog Post/Article:

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Memo Hernandez says:

Should I get the fit aitken 26 or the cult 26

Stackz DaDon says:

How tall are you as a reference..I wanna know whether or not to purchase the cult 26” or cult 29”..

willy alvarado says:

Great stuff bro! Love that bike

Torrance Amie says:

Championship review! I got the same bike in RAW. Swaped out the bars and sprocket, 28t for the win!

Noel Balenciaga TV says:

How Much?

ChedengMB says:

How’s the bike holding up? I’m planning to get this BMX just for riding around town/cruising after watching your video.

mattu says:

Hey just stumbled across your channel. You have great content and it seems like you put your heart and soul into each video. You deserve more subs man, best of luck.

angleisthebest says:

Would’ve bought this bike if it wasn’t for the single wall rim at the front.

Daniel Wawwrzynowski says:

hi Pete ..great stuff…i have 1 question if you dont mind..if i do NOFAP is it ok to have lucied sex? thanks in Advance peace and love from Poland

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