E-Lux All-Trac Electric Cruiser Video Review

http://electricbikereview.com/ The E-Lux All-Trac Electric Cruiser is an electric fat bike designed for comfortable cruising with large oversized handlebars, a suspension seat post and smoother tires. Basic drivetrain with seven speeds, throttle on demand and five levels of pedal assist, full length metal fenders and a sturdy rack. One of the heaviest ebikes I’ve tested at ~75 lbs due to the large frame and tires, less responsive six-magnet pedelec design, no bottle bosses added to the downtube or seat tube. Proportionately sized 500 watt motor and 48 volt 13 amp hour battery pack should offer decent climbing and range.


Deanna Huddy says:

Rented four of these ELUX bikes to see if we liked them. Fell in LOVE! I’m buying the FATtire Tahoe. It was so much fun to ride and I felt more confident going for the ride all over Huntington and Newport Beach, knowing if I ran out of steam I could still get home. I liked the FATtires because the whole bike felt very stable and steady. My husband has a bad hip, he wanted to check these out because it meant he could still enjoy riding a bike. Tons of fun and loved getting outdoors in the fresh air. Highly recommend.

A K says:

Besides the huge difference in price, what’s the main differences between the E-Lux bike and this bike here from AliBaba? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2016-RISTAR-fat-tire-electric-bike_60548561397.html
Why is the E-Lux bike over 3 times the price? Are these 2 bikes identical? Thank you anybody for any help you can provide.

natrone23 says:

Looks quality, and really nice paint job.

Tardisius says:

Good lookin bike. =)

Tinstar2 says:

Love this bike!  Mine is black with yellow wheels.  Love riding this thing.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Great job kid!

Ehab Hassan Mohamed says:

So Nice Bike Thank You

Kris Goodwillie says:

I was able to test ride one last week in Huntington Beach, I LOVED it!  Such a fun smooth ride.  E-Lux is definitely in my future!

Benji says:

These fat tire bikes are a popular fad right now, but they don’t seem very practical. Am I wrong? I’ve never ridden one.

Brian Smith says:

I want one….. very good video review and description, Thank you.

rdamo2 says:

Electric bikes ONLY FOR THE ELDERLY AND LAZY the bike shop he’s at myron’s is DOG PHOBIC ELECTRIC LAZY FAT BOYS, just like I was. Tell Myron his mail order bride should be nicer to dogs FULLERTON IS A DOG CITY.!!!!!!!!!


Huffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser its got 12 gauge spokes and a steel frame for $150 us. I can convert this bike with a 500 watt front motor and disc brake for $550 us. For $700 us I got a comfortable e-biike with no transmissions isssue which is plaguing these $3000 mid drive e-bikes

EPSTomcat11 says:

It’s getting there. These bikes need throttle only to be real cruisers, and mid-drive with at least 800w and under 60lbs for sand riding. Then we’re talking a really enjoyable ride at the beach.

Stephen Lauret says:

Is this bike (???): http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/fat-bike-electric-26-inch-USA_60292737841.html?spm=a2700.7724838.35.1.2djxPi only with fenders, carrier and maybe stronger battery (???).

Chris Duke says:

I was just looking at the Chinese manufacturers site this morning and wondering how much they cost. Minimum order 5, so if five people got together, I bet they could save a bunch. Over all it’s not a bad package. Personally I would get my own bike, Bafang motor, and add a 20 amp controller and 52v 20 AH battery for more kick & range. I would also upgrade the brakes to hydraulic. I’ve not heard anything good about them, but probably work fine for a 500w motor.

Florida Scot says:

With 48 volts & those fat tires you could tow a toyota

clnmyjts says:

looks good I would like to see it set up with rear saddle bags and a triple tree bicycle fork

MA O says:

this bike shope have in malaysia ? how can i buy ?

Zeev Kirsh says:

looks nice. too heavy though.
unless you are looking for sand or snow, just get a balloon tire bike maxing out at 2.25 inches width. you don’t really near 4” inches in width. lots of gas scooter tires don’t have 4” of width.

snow or sand? not much range to begin with, then with snow/sand, even less.

still. looks awesome. and that counts for a lot.

William George says:


Don O says:

Would like to see how it looked like when the person is riding on it.

The Lassu says:

Please do a review of RadRover fat bike!

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