E-Lux Tahoe Sport Video Review – $3k Fat Cruiser Electric Bike with Lights, Fenders, & Rack

https://electricbikereview.com/e-lux/tahoe-sport/ The E-Lux Tahoe Sport is a fat tire city cruiser with adjustable suspension fork and premium seat post suspension, E-Lux opted for nicer locking grips and comfortable Rx saddle. Paint-matched steel fenders are sturdy and functional, they don’t rattle as much as aluminum or plastic and the longer frame reduces toe strikes. Only really available in high-step, limited color selection, heavier than many competing products because of the high capacity battery, rack, lights, and solid rims. Punched out rims would have been nice to reduce weight, I’d love to see a low-step model offered, keys must remain in the battery pack to operate the bike and they can rattle, chain may bounce around and strike the steel chain cover on bumpy streets.


Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

Of all the bike reviews from trek haibike specialized etc etc this rear motor red e bike has to be the epitome of what an e bike should be! Yes I get it regarding still getting exercise etc on pedal assists etc but for me being a motorcyclist as well as a taxi driver here in the UK this e bike is what it should be. Normally I’m not keen on these kind of low rider/custom looks but wow it is one beautiful machine! Thanks for the video court. Cheers

EDH_Dave_MTB says:

I love it…. How muck room is in the back for a Bike, if any.
I don’t think my Haibike Full Fat Six 7.0 will fit but maybe. What are your thoughts Patrick??

David Macdonald says:

Surely you can take the key out when you go away it doesn’t have to stay in at the bike rack , and if your smart you just mark your seat dont you .

reinplat says:

At this price point the bike should also have a front rack to maximize its everyday usefulness.

jules h says:

Nice lookin bike, but high priced considering entry level parts.

Tom Loughlin says:

Can you provide any more information on Sam’s helmet? He says “Surface” but that doesn’t seem to be enough info. Maybe a link? That helmet is just too cool!!

Shark Mentality says:

Court! No one has done a video showing the logistics of battery charging (plug in) on an unsupported long distance trans-am tour.

Benjamin Johnston says:

Whats your all time favourite ebike?

matelslug1 says:

hey man how come u guys are wearing t-shirts??? we freezing up in new york here…keep posting…

Grouchy Dude says:

Bike custome made for a 90 year old man? Good for him!

James Mason says:

When I saw the bike in the thumbnail I knew Sam would be in the review

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