E-Lux Tahoe Video Review – Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/e-lux/tahoe/ The E-Lux Tahoe is a unique cruiser style fat ebike with long comfortable handlebars, an oversized saddle with suspension seat post and optional suspension fork (for the high-step model). Paint-matched fenders and chain guard, lots of beautiful color choices (Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Baby Blue, Sea Foam Green, White) and premium leather touch points. Complete drive-mode offering with throttle-only, throttle override on assist and five levels of pedal assist with three system power settings (Eco, Normal and Power). Large and heavy at ~77 lbs (35 kg) with no quick release on the wheels, basic drivetrain hardware, the fenders can rattle on trails or bumpy terrain, limited dealer network (but sold globally online).


Jone Gomez says:

This looks very nice, but again I live in Finland, sun and beach are not the main ingredients here, but hey cool bike nevertheless. I’m waiting the day you review a cargo e-bike with fat tyres (not super fat though), but love bikes so no harm keep them coming :)

Wayne Howarth says:

Basically the components on this bike are the same as their other small tire bike, but this one is a lot more money I wonder why?

Mark Elford says:

Great fat bike.

Caesar Tin-U says:

Thanks! Love the almost weekly reviews you are putting out.

bryphi77 says:

This is nice… This may be the one…

Julia Niquet says:

Do you think this bike can handle a 125 kg man?

A K says:

Besides the huge difference in price, what’s the main differences between the E-Lux bike and this bike here from AliBaba? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2016-RISTAR-fat-tire-electric-bike_60548561397.html
Why is the E-Lux bike over 3 times the price? Are these 2 bikes identical? Thank you anybody for any help you can provide.

Dude I totally agree your right says:

Ive watched probably half of your videos in 2 days of research and have to say thankyou for the awesome information..can you tell me im in about a 2500 price range..why I still am leaning towards a used stromer st1 for $2000 from 2013 ?..am I wrong in this decision?..thanks for the videos!


very nice I think that bike will sell well.

Tardisius says:

Very cool =)


is this just an updated version of the “all-trac” and which do you like better this or the newer townie go? im trying to decide between the too. im looking for a casual cruiser style bike for a bigger guy.

Andy hoff says:

why does this gold bike frame design look simular to the Ariel Rider? i they are all made in the same Chinese factory.

Steve Petttyjohn says:

FAT is where its AT! What is the red button just to the lower left of the display???

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