Electra Townie Bicycle Review

Here’s a look at the Electra Townie Bicycle. This street bike features a lower seat and higher handlebars that deliver a more ergonomic, semi-recumbent style of bicycle riding. Also shown is the Electra Straight 8 model which is a black eight ball style.


john Fergclfl says:

Is the Townie OK for plus 300 lbs 🙁 ?

Tom Bourque says:

Get mine in a couple days can’t wait! Test drove it and fell in love with it instantly. Very comfortable.

andrew097 says:

What a brain dead review a guy selling a bike who has not a clue and 20 century man who thinks a bike is a primitive tool

Sleepy731 says:

i have the townie 21d, and went from not riding a bike since i was around 15 to riding for hours on first ride! loving it

Larry Henry says:

Just bought a Townie 7d this week…slate blue  my “Baby Blue”…

DocShifty says:

I own one, same color everything. I LOVE THIS BIKE! Best I have ever owned. Riding position kills the Trek. 5 *****

julian poblano says:

just got a elecrta its thje best

andrew097 says:

Sick of big bike companies who don’t even understand what they are selling

joefenstenblow says:

This is just awful! I wish I could unsee it. Cluless x 2.

Nora Wolf says:

hi thewe, marvelows! invention store what do you think.3. 11

Andrew Slota Slota says:

i have the same bike but mine is an 8 speed

mr2donalson says:

buddy of mine owns a bike shop and I asked about the weight issue, he said they’ve sold to even heavier and never had an issue… it’s not like you’re going to be jumping or going off road on it… ended up buying one for my wife last week after several years of her wanting one

CinemaSasquatch says:

I have an Electra Townie 8i Man’s Bicycle with the largest frame I could find. I am 6’6″ and 340 plus. This bike has worked out great for me.

masterofce says:

What an Idiot.!!


now if they only had a shorter crank option they would have a winner

fredgold52 says:

These are wonderful bikes. But, many of the videos about Townies are just talking heads. No offense intended guys but I didn’t click in to see you or hear your opinions. I have my own I very comfortable with. Want to keep me interested? RIDE THE BIKE. Don’t just run your mouth, ride the bike. Thanks.

mac777daddy says:

No one gives a fuck if your bald ass owns a bike

Kurt Neudeck says:

I do not own an Electra Townie, but I test drove one in Florida, and it was extremely comfortable unlike any other bike I have road, and I am an experienced cyclist.  I am not ready to give up the road bike yet, but I can see this as a comfortable option as I get older, as it takes pressure off the back, wrists and neck.

Bill McCracken says:

Nice review. At 51, too, found myself needing a different bike geometry than what my mountain bike has. I found an Electra Townie 3 and it seems to be just the ticket. My arms and back no longer ache and I can actually see the sights, not just the road below me. 🙂

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