Ford Supercruiser Electric Bike Review A new electric bicycle from Ford Motor Company. Available January 1st at select Ford and Pedego dealerships in USA and Canada. MSRP for $3,595 offers a 600 watt geared hub motor with 48 volt 10 amp hour Lithium-ion battery pack.


Kyle Kessler says:

yep! says:

Wow, thanks for the info! I did see an article about Ford introducing a concept bike in Germany around 2011 but that never made it to market. Appreciate the heads up 😉

João Paulo Candido Oliveira says:

Why eletric bike has to be so so so ugly??? says:

20 miles per hour electronically limited (this is standard for most ebikes and nearly all Pedego’s). The one exception is the City Commuter which can be overclocked to go 27mph with the LCD computer, I forget how but you cold figure it out with some exploring 🙂 says:

I do like that the Prodeco batteries have a light built into them. I don’t mind the aluminum casing on Pedego packs, they’re pretty sturdy and the handle on the back makes them easy to transport.

alic morales says:

I feel like it’s top speed is kinda slow but all in all the bike it’s self is not bad. The frame is definitely good looking!! says:

Thanks! Got a ton of footage at Interbike, should have a steady flow of reviews and impressions coming out. I’m in Colorado now helping with the flood for a bit, some of my family got damaged property.

Michael Mccarver says:

A bicycle for the 1%.

harry palmer says:

i wish i was wielder


nice says:

The nice thing about the battery they chose is that’s it’s pretty standard in terms of design – I bet you could get a larger pack eventually and you could also definitely get an extra pack to leave at work or home to swap out. The case is also easy to remove with the slide off in the rear and the built in handle.

george04b says:

yeah but i mean if you are going to make an awesome looking frame with those curves make a different case you know, like the City Commuter’s looks way better but i guess is to a personal opinion

James Workman says:

Thanks Great Job as ALWAYS!!

Keep Sharing!

You Rock!

ebikefan says:

Glad to see auto companies collaborating and coming into the fray.

SteffaniQify says:

wanted to get this bike for my husband he’s been eyeing it about two months now since it came out I think in 2013 do u still think it’s a good bike to get ?

RoadRunner66 On My Game says:

Wow…nice bike ….got to say that bike should have a digital display for its price….all the bells and whistles as they say ………

Larry B says:

Real nice bike what is top speed? Great narrator on bike review keep the good work up

L John says:

That battery would make the bike to top heavy . Battery is better near the bottom

BiknutProductions says:

It looks like a very nicely built ebike. I like the wheels and tires, but the spokes are too small g for hammering down the street at top speed with no suspension, and as slow as this bike is, I’d be running it top speed everywhere. It needs at least twice the battery for a decent range. I can’t ride anywhere in Dallas that’s not 20 miles from my house, and I’d like to be able to get back home too you know lol. Still if you live in a small town it’s a step in the right direction.

paul miller says:

Over $3200 way to much way not just DIY $350 sound good 

greg harvey says:

Totally, ludicrously overpriced. These people must consider the buying public to be absolute morons. says:

What’s it called? I searched Ford Electric Bike and didn’t see anything. Ford TH!NK just brought up their electric golf carts and NEV’s says:

I think you’re paying for the quality build, custom frame that looks cool, the name… and of course the warranty. It’s expensive but so are a lot of cars that are more stylish 🙂

Edwin Buenaventura says:

Expensive. No Lights, No Bell, No Lock, No Reflector. This Ebike is built only for the rich people. In Philippines Electric Bike is an ordinary means of transportation. Rich people in Philippines are not riding and collecting E Bike. 

wojtek1425 says:

Very simple search (and a ton of material) Ford TH!NK bicycle. 2 of these are being offered on ebay and I found one on Craigslist. Wiki has a nice writeup as well

Mocking69 says:


RoadRunner66 On My Game says:

Wow…nice bike ….got to say that bike should have a digital display for its price….all the bells and whistles as they say ………

Gil CHAPMAN says:

The frame design looks nice but is not practical.  The fenders should cover more of the tires to keep water & debris down. How it is now water will come up on the rider and battery.

george04b says:

this bike is perfect until you see the battery, looks so cheap. Prodeco has a nice case for the battery but yeah the frame is awesome but they shouldve change the battery case to something cooler. thanks for the video!!!!

Rumple Stiltskin says:

You need to speak about that seat. It is tilted way too far back because men will be squashing the family jewels as they keep sliding backwards. The seat should be tilted every so slightly forward forcing a person to sit on their “Sit-bones” instead of on the jewels.

covercalls88 says:

Very nice bike, but for costing over $3500 it is a bit pricey. With the current speed limit at 20mph it will be a tough sell. I think if the government is serious about getting some of people out their cars the speed limit needs to be raised to 30 to 35 mph. If electric bikes are capable of 30+ mph I see no problem in regulating them as they would with a moped with headlights and taillights.

Douglas Schwartz says:

Once you ride the Ford Super Cruiser you understand why Ford, and authorized e-bike dealers, are charging $3695. The bike is well built, very solid, and comfortable. In my opinion, it is worth the extra price over the Pedego Interceptor to get the unique, handcrafted, Tony Ellsworth design.

Like many older collectable Ford cars,  this bike may go up in value in the future, and turn out to be a great investment.

Ryan Borger says:

HUGE ignored triangle makes Donald a sad duck…  Come on now.  Fill the triangle with 30 Ah of lipo and call it a day… 


found on road,dead, my ford,car, is now my boots,walking

Jon Claerbout says:

Newbie wonders if the motor drives the pedals or the wheel.

RC says:

Not even a battery gauge

WarriorCycle's says:

the battery costs more than my bike did to i like mine better.

Everton Burrell says:

Love your reviews, keeping me up to date on the latest ebike tech.

wojtek1425 says:

Your description is not quite accurate. Ford introduced e-bikes back in 2000/2001 by Ford TH!NK. Look for “Ford Launches LIne of Electric Vehicles” article. Some of these are still around . My friends still have one. Must ask for more info

wojtek1425 says:

Actually one is on e-bay right now. Check it out! says:

Good points, there are actually a sub class of electric scooters (some with pedals like mopeds) that have full lighting and are street legal. I really like the ZERO electric motor cycles as well. The benefit of the slower speed “bicycle” style ebikes is no license or insurance required 😉

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