Gazelle NL C7 HMB Video Review – Beautiful, Well Made, Cruiser Electric Bike The Gazelle NL C7 HMB is a comfortable, stable and capable cargo bike… that’s almost like a cruiser with large sweeping bars, an adjustable stem, oversized comfort saddle and puncture-resistant balloon tires. It’s an original ebike with a cute, beautiful aesthetic and nod to feminine appeal (at least the baby blue one). Impressive two-year comprehensive warranty, thoroughly tested against UV and salt water exposure, unique styling and accents, two color options and three frame sizes to choose from. Tough Aluminum fenders, fully enclosed chain cover, 7-speed internally geared hub that can be shifted at standstill (requires less maintenance), sturdy front and rear rack with bungee cords. Heavier and more expensive, oversized double-leg kickstand, unique locking headset (to keep the front rack stable for loading), integrated LED lights, reflective tires and powerful hydraulic rim brakes.


Joe Blogs says:

that front carrier should be attached to the frame that design will reduce handling when loaded

NovaColonel says:

Those comments are among the most unqualified I’ve read in a while. Thanks for another great review, Court!
Love the ergonomics of it, but the rest left me rather unimpressed. The HS-11 Maguras are their entry-level line and at that price point you’d expect the HS-22 at least. Also: no suspension = no deal.
I’d love to see a bike with a slightly elevated step-through frame, 27.5+ mountain bike tires and front fork, the CX engine, hub dynamo, integrated fenders and lighting and the perfectly upright granny-sissy seating position. Much akin to a SUV but in form of an e-bike. Maybe one day….

Glenn Watson says:

Slight engine noise only at turbo mode otherwise, quiet. It’s sort of utilitarian and practical-ish in design but the price-point…

Pablo Ramirez says:

i need one those because i disabled and is there anyone out there who have a kind heart to give me one of those?

Lysle Basinger says:

Looks very well made. At first I thought it unattractive but its growing on me.
I like viewing you tube videos of the Dutch cargo bike parades. So many kinds of bikes. I would like to see you review the Ancheer 20″ folding ebike which doesn’t cost more than a kit, (590.00) delivered. Easy way to get in on electric biking for a limited budget. I ride mine on the sidewalks and bike paths and no one realizes I have a motor.

George Herman says:

It looks kind of nerdy. I just could not make myself spend over 3 grand for something like that. No way.

Nguyen Dang says:

awesome review of the e bike bro for me right now as a full time student getting that is not worth my money I rather used a traditional bicycle at this time what do you think about those 500 dollar e bike on amazon is that good to buy in future usage?

Jason Hacker says:

If you’ve been to the Netherlands you’ll know those racks are meant for carrying people!

Chris Bates says:

Close to legoland 🙂

brighton dude says:

Gazelle is a very well established make in the Netherlands. I live in Brighton in England which is not far from the Netherlands and we have quite a lot of the Gazelle bicycles here.

These bikes are all about practicality. They are purchased by all kinds of people who don’t have any particular interest in bicycles or ebikes, they just want cheap transport.

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