Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike REVIEW

My first beach cruiser bike and i love it!


Ciara Nails says:

im gona get a new tho I wana cute pink one with the basket to ride my puppy in

Hammies To You says:

This isn’t a review.. It’s a Haul..

Ciara Nails says:

omg I have that same exact one

California Mountain Art And Life says:

I got the Schwinn because I liked the way it looked, but I also liked the way the Huffy looks. If you are on a budget and just deciding if biking is for you, I can understand starting out with the cheaper bike.

Dollymayfrosty says:

How far are you wanting to go? I would imagine you could go as far as you possibly wanted.

Caroline Savage says:

Guys, don’t buy this bike. Buy a trek. Huffy falls apart in a heartbeat.

CoffeeCupGoodness says:

I have one of these and it squeaks and creaks like mad.  I’ve only ridden it a few times and it already feels like it’s about to fall apart.

susie sanchez says:

lame reviw

April Neal says:

I had the this bike. Only positive aspect that I can say about the bike is that it was pretty and I received alot of compliments on the way it looked. Needless to say, after a few months, it was returned for a more functional bike. What good is it looking “pretty” when you can’t ride it?

Nat Speaks says:

How is this a review?

Edith Delgado says:

Hi I want to know if you could go far away with this bike because I want to buy one of this kind. They look so nice

Ciara Nails says:

and I love it

Datgurl Jordane says:

I bought the same bike but in pink and yellow and I have only had it for a year but I have replace the back tire tube 20 times so far and when I ride it , it squeaks it’s a pretty bike but I don’t suggest u buy it unless u don’t want to spend 200 dollars on a decent bike

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