Huffy Cranbrook Bike Review (Gold & Black)

This is an In Depth video review of my huffy cranbrook gold and black model that I bought from Walmart for like $100.

Seems like a good bike and I plan on motorizing it!


Steve Wiggins says:

I DO, however like how excited your bike and the work you’ve done makes you. Glad you are enjoying it.

Ra Littlewolf says:


Andy Barrett says:

stuff the hub full of hi temp grease

Ethan Brackett says:

you have the forks backwards, and the handlebars need to be way higher up…. and your chain guard is missing…. the bike will NOT handle correctly the way it’s currently assembled.

wahwah1013 says:

I bought one of these for my elderly neighbor. Not a bad bike for under $80 but I upgraded the seat and grips. The seat was ugly and the springs were made of pot metal. The grips gave him blisters. I also upgraded the top and bottom brackets and greased the hell out of the bearings in the wheels.
I for the life of me can’t understand how the uploader couldn’t tell that the forks were on backwards. Has he ever ridden a bike before? Also the fenders are fine. I mean what hell do you expect for $80?

R Monkey says:

it seems like you stopped making video’s, thank’s for that.

MostElectronics says:

Actually, the bike handles nicely even with all this stuff. The handlebars make it easy to turn corners going 20mph with a 2hp engine on it. Even though the front fork was backwards it rode fine and the chain guard doesn’t need to be on there because its made of coke can aluminum so thin I could bend it with 2 fingers. After having the bike running with the motor I finally rotated the fork and noticed better handling at speeds of 30mph. So ya none of the mistakes I made hindered the riding

Steve Wiggins says:

Hard to follow what you are talking about. Slow down. One thing at a time. Holy cow!

MostElectronics says:

ya i hope everything will go well. The motor is coming in today so it will be fun

Robert Clark says:

Looks like forks are backwards but cant tell. plus its not a gear cover its a chainguard.

shawaniea says:

it doesnt look gold

vity says:

Fork backwards, handlebar same.

OneSneakyGamer says:

@ 7:30 i need a new nut and bolt because my is stripped. anyone know where i can one?

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