Huffy Millennial cruiser bike review.

Equipped with 29-inch wheels, this bike is fun to ride.

It’s also easy on the eyes. The grey/black/white color scheme is beautiful. However, I took off all the stickers.

More importantly, it performs like a champ and is sturdy.

Speeds: 1-Speed
Bike Type: Cruiser Bikes
Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
Primary Color: Gray
Multi Pack Indicator: No
Model No.: 56423P7
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 49.94
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 73.0 x 26.0 x 44.0
Walmart No.: 551693235

29″ Huffy Millennial Men’s Cruiser Bike, Grey:
Steel cruiser frame
Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips for improved handling
Padded spring bike saddle with embroidery and quick-release binder for easy adjustments
Easy-to-use coaster brakes
Tires: 29″ x 2.125″ Blackwall cruiser tires for easier performance
Steel rims painted white
Comfortable all-wear pedals
Single speed
Weight: 45 lbs
Dimensions: 73″L x 26″W x 44″H
Assembly required; clear instructions included
Limited lifetime warranty

Tags: 29″ gray


John Penumbra says:

Mine should arrive tomorrow, I’ll post something after I put it together and take it for its maiden voyage.  I just purchased an Italian racer too but the forward leaning position is hard on my neck which has to be hyper-extended to see where I am going.  I am 50 so it’s hard on my spine to be in that forward leaning position all the time.  That’s why I have several different bikes for different purposes.  This will be my city cruising bike I’ll use for leisurely rides to enjoy the river walk and other cool places around Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My racer I’ll use when I join the pack of riders who zoom down the streets for their weekend rides.  This bike obviously won’t “zoom” but it will be like the station wagon of bikes.  That’s cool.  I recommend buying more than one bike so you have one for higher speeds and one for cruising speeds.

John Penumbra says:

Thank you for posting this video, BTW.

Outdoorsman_78 says:

I have a Cranbrook, but haven’t really ridden it yet. Just got it. But that’s all I hear about these huffy bikes is that they gets flats a lot. Wonder if it’s from the spokes on the inside. Those tires are the same as mine and look pretty sturdy. I haven t built mine yet but my put a better spoke liner in the rims. Great vid. I may peal my stickers also and im building it so I can re greese the hubs and crank and everything.

Francis Kerr says:

Turn the front forks around . They are around the wrong way

yogeetarzan says:

indeed easy on eyes… how did you cleanly remove decals/stickers?

David Vargas says:

You mentioned a couple of times you needed to change the tires. what were you riding on? The Street? Dirt Paths?

Pierre Louis says:

Not bad for a 90 bucks.One thing about Huffy, they are the cheapest in the market. But after you buy them you will definitely have to spend some more money.I bought one with suspension .Both of the tube valve got leaked in 3 weeks.Like the tires you have on this bike are not a good quality tire .It makes the bike go slow.You need to go at a bike shop and get the 29er mountain bike tires.It will cost you like 60 dollars for 2 tires.But I guarantee you this bike will fly after you put these mountain bike tires . There’s a reason why these Huffy bike so cheap and the SWINN BIKES cost more money.

Francis Kerr says:

Turn the front forks around . They are around the wrong way

jwain83 says:

Do you still have this bike?

Don henderson says:

could any one tell me were i could order the back rim for this bike please need help

Gavin Vickers says:

Hey man! I am trying to find a bike that fits my style. I usually prefer to stand up and pedal because it seems easier. All i would be doing is riding around the neighborhood and maybe some roads, and speed is nice. I dont know whether i should get a bmx because its used for tricks and typically smaller or a mountain bike which im afraid wont work well on unpaved roads…any suggestion on what type I should go with?

frankyforearmsnycnh1 says:

good review but WD-40 is the LAST lubricant you want to use on a bike.

Thomas L says:

The wheels wil not stay trued. The frames are cheap made and these bikes will not take anykind of abuse at all. You get what you pay for.

Joseph Melton says:

That’s a really nice cruiser bike! I wish i had that. You got that for a good deal!

spywoolf14 39 says:

I like the Huffy

John Penumbra says:

Just bought one….hasn’t arrived yet………Got really good reviews for the price.  Hope it takes hills OK.  You can buy 2mm tubes which are much thicker and will resist thorns.  Also try putting GOO in the tires, it’s not a racing bike so it won’t effect spin.  If the tires wobble they are out of true, you can take them to a bike store and if you’re willing to leave it there a few days, they can true them up for about $25.  Hitting curbs or riding off of curbs will cause the light steel to bend in the tires which will put your wheels out of true.  It’s best NOT to run over curbs, especially if you weigh over 125 or so pounds.  The steel is VERY light weight and it will bend, once it bends, the tire won’t roll correctly. 

Bernie Macc says:

I wonder if I can convert it to use 26in tires instead??.. Has anyone tried this?

IG: Spyda_337 says:

I just fixed up one today. can’t wait to cruise down the street tomorrow and sit on my big ass comfy seat. somebody stole my last one. but I vow not to let this one out of my sight. mine is red


Let the air out of the tube and put some slime or fix a flat into it. No more flats. P.S. Paint it lime green mettallic.

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