Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Single-Speed bicycle – $119 at Walmart

The Nel Lusso is a cruiser bicycle available at Walmart for $119. It’s heavy, has very few parts that aren’t steel, and has a single speed. The bicycle features a coaster brake and a dual spring wide saddle for comfort and ease of use.

This bike looks and functions like an old bicycle from years ago. If you’re nostalgic to relive times when bikes were simple and didn’t have all the gears and components of today’s modern bikes – this may be the bicycle for you!

That’s my issue with big box bikes. Most of the bikes you find on department store shelves are loaded with features and component like a full suspension, a front suspension fork, 3 gears up front and 6-8 in the rear. They sell many of these bikes for under $99. If a company is adding features but not increasing the cost…they’re making the difference up in other areas. Areas like component quality. This can be potentially dangerous. If someone buys what looks like a full suspension mountain bike and tries to mimic what their buddy on a high end bike that looks oddly similar does – they will likely end up with a broken bike and possibly worse.

The Nel Lusso is simple goodness. I did have a problem with the brake, but i’ll have that looked at. If it requires repair I can swap it out for another. My long term goal is to see if a basic barebones single speed bike of today can hold up like the bikes from childhood that were ridden hard and never pampered.

note: this is a corrected video. In a previous video I incorrectly stated this bicycle as a fixie bike. This is not a fixed gear bicycle. It is a single-speed bicycle.

Stay tuned! More great bicycle videos to come!


James Hendricks says:

You say you did 6 mph on the bike, I have the same exact bike, bought it from Wal-Mart. I get my bike up to 25 mph. I have been riding bikes since earlier this year, due to health reasons.

Copper-Brass says:

I bought one of these to put an engine kit for one of my neighbors kids. If you ever think about doing that I would recommend putting some better brakes on it and reinforce the spot where the cargo rack meets the frame

Zoom Kat says:

The Cranbrook is by far the choice of the 80cc motorizing crowd (maybe a project idea). I’d like to see a review of the 26″ Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike from Walmart, for us older riders. It has a very low crossbar for easy on/off and a few gears for the hills. It also has a nice look.

Shawn Booth says:

I like bicycles. I would rather ride a bicycle around town than drive my car because you don’t have to pay a auto policy

Иван Федорович says:

Buy mtb, install cruiser comfort seet = BAM comfort+speed.

Jon Neet says:

I went to Walmart yesterday to look at bikes. I had the employee pull down three bikes from that overhead rack. A Cranbrook, a Nel Luso, and an Oakbrook I think it was. That last is a 7 speed with hand brakes. The Cranbrook had fairly round wheels, and the coaster brake seemed to work well. They are marked at $91.97. I checked the bottom of the seat post for bad welds (as mentioned in another of your videos), and it looked okay. The Oakbrook seemed pretty sold for $136. Then I had him pull down a Nel Lusso. I love that it had a solid welded on rack, and a compact front basket, and fenders. Very nice looking bike. They had the handle bars way off for me, but that’s easily adjustable. I would prefer a 7 speed with hand brakes, but still, I like that Nel Lusso very much. Last, I took a look at a Mongoose Hotshot. No fenders, racks, or drink holders. What I liked about the Hotshot was, it has no suspension fork, and it is a 7 speed with just a front derailer. The budget bikes with suspension forks usually have horrible forks anyway. Here in Hawaii rust and corrosion are a constant threat, and one derailer/control/ and cable keep things simpler. Also, the Hotshot felt pretty comfortable too Price is $113. The Hotshot doesn’t pretend to be a mountain bike at all.Even the smaller sized seat seems decent. I’m probably going to buy one of these three for my birthday present (today, Wednesday, is my birthday. You on the mainland can maybe get free shipping on bikes you order on line, but here, they tack on an extra $65 for shipping. Then you have to worry about shipping damage. For me, buying an assembled bike from Walmart saves that $65.
I just turned 64 and have a gimpy right side knee, and am in a fight with prostate cancer. I am working out with weights, I swim about 3 days a week, and believe I am ready to get back on a bike after the leg injury 14 months ago. But, I didn’t want to spend much, as my heath issues are up in the air. Thanks for your videos.

Tyshown Ramirez says:

Never buy a store Department bike if you need one for commuting everywhere you going to have problems save up and go to a real bike shop and I suggest you get a fixie for long-distance riding

Hector perez says:

I almost kill my self today with this bike the fender get caught on the tire i got 80 cc engine kit got picture take all the fenders off if you what this for 80cc kit

Susan Prestipino says:

Something about these new cruisers with coaster brakes. I bought a used Villy and it too had WEAK brakes. A local bike shop thought maybe the grease needed replacing. Will find out when I get it back.

John Pezze says:

I like your videos very much but you sound like a big pussy regarding the helmet

Mansa Musa says:

Put a 79cc engine kit on that thing man.

Max Rein says:

Just wait until your rear wheel starts pointing to the left, it doesn’t really matter how much you tighten up the rear, the force of pedaling will skew your wheel to the left. Oh and don’t pedal too hard, you’ll bend the teeth on the rear cog and drop or break your chain every 10 seconds.

Themoigt says:

Try a road bike please

Mob Tvv, Mr Goldman Hip Hop Artis Westcoast says:

hey. i got the same two days ago , mob tvv mob music, LA

gulf city nicholas danca says:

The cranbroke is solid

Cosmjc Burrito says:

I saw my bike there supprised they are still selling it

edwong3 says:

I’ve never had any issues with department store bikes (Walmart, Toy r Us, etc.). The important thing is to make sure the bike is assembled correctly. I actually had a Cranbrook I got from Walmart and it was a solid bike. Sadly, it was stolen on the second day of me starting a new job a few years back.

abslol1 says:

I ride my moms 25 year old Murray cruiser, I’ve added tire tubes, pedals, grips, and a basket, but the seat, tires, wheels, and frame are in great condition

Duane Conklin says:

I got one for myself and put an 80cc engine on it. The bike is built, well worth the money.It also has twice the thickness in the spokes (seriously take a look) that tells you right there it’s built to last like a SCHWINN!

ilias 2405 says:


Total Control 871 says:


Josip Topic says:

can you do a video on Genesis impact 5.7…or just give advice is it worth it?

fromkentucky says:

With decent brakes it would make a fun ebike.

Jon Neet says:

Will you tell us here what happened when you took the bike into a shop for the coaster brake problem? Thanks!!

toddlk 186 says:

Watch it I can see many breaking points on that bike you would like to get sorted…
The traditional stems one
And also look at the seat… they look and feel comfy but the mounts on those are utter shit and will probably want replacing every 3 rides…

Josip Topic says:

can you do a video on
im about to buy a new bike and this caught my eye

I—Theist says:

I have this bike. Great bike.

Scott DeSalvo says:

There is a good argument that the ONLY kind of bike you should buy from Walmart is a single speed, very mechanically simple bike.

As soon as you get into speeds and derailuers and rim brakes, the quality of the components and the craftsmanship of the asssembler will directly and immediately affect your ability to user the bike. And if the bike comes with crummy components which are not properly adjusted, you can very quickly break your bike.

Nick Dudesville says:

i had the same thought process and bought a Huffy cruiser. the peddles broke after a week the tires actually tore off the rim after two months and after 3 the rear tires kept swelling and popping the tubes. i put a different wheel, but it kept popping tubes so I tossed it. had the same experience with the c brake and figured I’m just too heavy now to lock it up.

Rod Leonard Atienza says:

The meaning of
“nel lusso” is:
“in luxury”

Adrian Garcia says:

Is this cruiser heavy with all the steel?

MasterBata says:

For a moment there I could imagine myself commuting on this bike every day, with coffee in the cup holder, looking really cool and relaxed… Then it occurred to me, it would take me at least an hour to get to work. Nah, I’ll stick to my hybrid and aggressive riding 😉

Chris Carr says:

Does your bikeshop mind you bringing Walmart bikes? I see on forums people always saying bike shops won’t even true wheels or tune a derailleur on a big box store bike, which seems stupid to me because frankly not all of us have $500-10000 for a bike, or just don’t see the point in dropping that on a bike we won’t do with what the expensive bikes are designed for. Just curious if your local shop ever talks down to you for bringing in a huffy or anything

Allen Janes says:

Well…. It’s Tuesday, let us know how the brake issues turned out. You do a nice job. Kinda remind me of Tom Bodett.

kings17court says:

What I like most about KevCentral is that he is not a bike snob. He can give credit where credit is due. Plus he can appreciate a bike that doesn’t come from a true bike shop. I would hate to see what something comparable would cost at a bike shop. Curious to see how things play out long-term. I’m guessing it should be just fine.

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